Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin

Can't remember too much of this dream, other than that I hated it.

Something happened where I was with my girlfriend, but I think we were older cause she had a son or something. We were in love and a happy family together. One day though, she was leaving for a vacation somewhere, and she told me she was breaking up with me because she didn't want to cheat on me. She left, and I knew she was going to have sex with some other guy. I was so furious, but there's nothing I could do about it. The rest of the dream was me, living a normal life, but at times realizing that everything we had was over. I broke down into tears a few times during the dream, and everything felt so real, yet surreal in the "reality", if that makes any sense. It was just a horrible feeling. I remember watching Harry Potter or something and thinking "Oh! She would love this part of the movie..." and then realized we weren't together anymore. Later on, her mother called me and told me she had died and wasn't coming back, but I knew this was a lie. I had felt so betrayed and I knew that she had just been using me for something. I couldn't get the thought of her and that other guy out of my mind. The next thing I remember in my dream, I was running around some market place, full of rage, shooting random people with a shotgun. I wish I hadn't done that, and instead had enough lucidity to go and find the bastard and kill him. I woke up feeling horrible, depressed, and angry at a man who didn't exist. I fantasized about killing him for the rest of the day, but there was nothing I could do about it, other than tell myself it was only a dream.

I also had this song stuck in my head, I think I "heard" it in the dream.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dreams and Reality

Alright, I'm back again with my latest dream. Been having trouble remembering them clearly lately, which is one of the reasons for a lack of posting, but hopefully if I keep trying, they will become more clear. I actually just had this dream a little while ago when I fell asleep at school waiting before class, and it was interesting because some parts of this dream were taking place in the room I was sleeping in. Well, I'll just get into it.

Also, I know I put a lot of unnecessary  detail into these dream descriptions, but I need them there to remind me of the dream. If I write down every little piece that reminds me of the dream, I am able to have better, more frequent lucid dreams. So though anyone reading this blog most likely won't care about the small details, they are important for the purpose of this entire blog.

At first, I remember being at what I think was Atlantic City, on the boardwalk. I was swimming in a pool with some of my friends and got out to go find my parents. When I found my mom, she asked me where my bag was, that had all of my stuff in it, and I said I forgot it at the pool but had to go back anyway because my friends and brother were back there. She started yelling at me about something, saying that the mom of my friends called and was worried about where her kid were and she wanted me to get them from the pool. So I walked back, and remember it being a really long and annoying walk. When I got back to the pool I saw my brother and told him we had to leave and to grab my bag. There were two bags there, both of which was mine, but the one that I wanted was black. I started telling him where the bag I wanted was, which was under a table, but he cut me off and said "I see it!". He picked up a red bag instead, and I told him I needed the black bag, to which he responded "I couldn't find that one". I yelled at him telling him that I was trying to tell him where it was, before he rudely cut me off. Him and my friends all got out of the pool, and I saw my uncle standing there. He was asking me what video games I had in the bag, and I told him about a few I had. My mom said to set up my Playstation 3 right there on the beach because my grandpa wanted to play the new Scream video game. I started running weird wires, that were able to be molded like gum, and watched as my brother played a weird, dark, twisted game. I believe it was supposed to be Splatterhouse, (which I had saw a trailer for yesterday, though I believe it's an old game) and I ended up being sort of sucked into the game. It was odd, because I was half in reality, half in the game.

The next thing I remember is waking up on the couch that I fell asleep on. There was a television hooked up, playing pornography for some reason, and I heard this teacher walking down the halls, so I tried to change the channel to something that wasn't bad. At this point, my dream was blending with reality, since I always hear the tapping of her high heel shoes as she walks past me, laying on the couch. As she was walking by, she stopped in front of me and revealed that she is actually a porn actress (she's actually very attractive) and started saying something to me that I can't recall, and posing, though she was fully clothed. After that, I woke up somewhere else. I was in the living room of my house and I had just escaped from something. There were traps and guards set up and I was trying to sneak past them, failing a few times and dying, before having to start over.

After doing this a few times, I found out a few things. There was a gun trap set up near my kitchen and next to the gun trap was the guards phone. The phone had a code on it that could access the main computer of the "facility". If I was able to access this computer, I could open the front door to my house and be free. I managed to get around the gun trap and pick up the guards cell phone, which also contained some kind of device that allowed me to do a few things. It had a recharge meter on it, so if I used it too much I would have to let it cool down before I could use it again. One of the buttons made me invisible to everything, including the giant robot guard that was there and the gun trap. I disabled the gun trap and then went for the guard, but my charge level ran out and I was spotted. I quickly ran away, waited for the device to charge up a slight bit, activated the invisibility and returned to the "cell" which was actually just a pillow on the floor of my living room. However, as long as I was laying there, the guards wouldn't bother me. Eventually, I used a taser to knock out the guard, and when the giant robot guard came around, I turned invisible, ran back to the pillow, and recharged. After that, I used the taser on the robot, until it exploded. After that, one of the main guards showed up and it turned out I had some kind of connection to him. I turned invisible, and saw a woman giving a tour of the facility, opening the door a slight bit. I jumped at the chance, but it ended up doing more harm than good. I ended up hitting the woman which caused the alarm to sound. At that point, my charge level was fading, so I had no choice but to run. As I was trying to escape, I ran into the main guard and he told me I had to stay there. I yelled at him, asking what he had done to me and asked why I couldn't remember who I was. Then, everything flashed through my mind and I saw that they had been conducting experiments on me. When my meter recharged, I activated the invisibility and took an elevator to a lower level. I ended up back where the couch was and found myself laying there, hearing the tapping of heels on the floor. And then I woke up.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Playing Dead

Alright, haven't had too many dreams or much time, but I've stocked up a few. In fact, I just had a dream a little while ago when I fell asleep at school. Unfortunately one of the dreams that I did take notes about, I have no idea what I was trying to say, so I'm just going to write what I remember from it, even though it may be kind of broken up

Dream One
I was with this women and her two daughters. I was dating the oldest one. We found something in her car that was a key-card to her fathers apartment. We went there for some reason, and he was inside with a gun. He tried to shoot me but ended up shooting his daughter and she was bleeding pretty bad. Something happened and either me or the police killed him. My girlfriend ended up being alive, and the police gave us the deed to his apartment. I know a few other things happened, but we ended up fighting a guy wearing a pumpkin head who was beating us pretty hard and it turned out there was a league of crazy bad guys who wanted the deed to the apartment for some reason.

Dream Two
I was at a school that looked like a private school. I was at an activity that my teacher had said I was very talented in and wanted me to stay in it after school. She gave me a set of golden keys that would allow me access into other rooms of the building. My dream mom came to school and when the teacher told her this, she was very angry, saying that I had fencing lessons and she would rather me do that than whatever the other activity was. While they were arguing, I heard a women calling me over from another room, behind a set of bars. I used the key to open the door which led to the hallway her cell was located in, but not the actual cell itself. She was talking to me and said she would read my fortune. She ended up taking control of me and used me as well as the teacher in order to break free from the cell. She turned into this horrible demon-zombie creature, and killed me when she was done with me, leaving me in a sewer beneath the cell. However, I wasn't really dead. I woke up in the sewer, barely alive, and picked up the keys before walking home. My brother saw me and was trying to make an appointment to meet with this newly risen Dark Lord, because he was going to try and betray him and kill him (I'm not exactly sure what happened, but it was actually an evil man, no longer a woman. Possibly it was always a man, using the women as an innocent disguise). My brother didn't know that I could hear him on the phone and told the Dark Lord that I was alive and could possibly be a danger, in an attempt to use me as bait. I went into my room and realized I had a few powers that I could use to defend myself. I set up these hidden spikes made out of holy energy, and left them as traps in the floor. The Dark Lord had burst into my room while I was laying in bed pretending to be asleep, and had fallen into my traps and was very hurt by my spikes. However, he was not defeated. I jumped out of bed and began attacking him with a holy scythe, which was pure energy. However, I was not strong enough and he struck me down. With the last of my breath, I sent whatever power I had to my brother. I remember being "dead" but completely aware of what happened after that. My brother burst into the room and began fighting the weakened Dark Lord, using whatever powers he had, and eventually was able to defeat him with the use of the holy scythe. After that, the world had completely rewound, and I watched as everything returned to the way it was, and watched the demon corpse appear in the cell, before vanishing forever. The only person with a memory of what had happened was my brother. I was back in the private school, watching my mother and teacher argue, when I looked down at the ground and saw the golden keys laying there. After seeing the keys, the memories flooded back into my head, and I looked up to see my brother standing over me, smiling.

Dream Three
I remember being in a public bathroom at school, and I feel like something had happened before this because I was thinking to myself that it was much lighter when I had come in before. I think I may have been in there to wash off some blood that I got on me from something else. I know I was there because I was trying to find someone or something. I started to turn on some of the lights and a few other people had walked into the bathroom and started using the stalls and whatever. After I got most of the lights on, I saw a man walk in with a giant sword and I heard him slice someone in half and then saw him swinging his sword around randomly, killing whoever was in the way. I fell to the floor in order to give the illusion that I had been killed as well, and waited to see what was going to happen. The man had walked over our bodies and started posting some pieces of paper on top of graffiti on the wall, which ended up being a code to unlocking some secret passage. Another man came in, and the man with the sword was about to kill him when I stood up and pulled out a small dagger. I told the man with the sword to stop what he was doing or I would be forced to stop him. He started attacking me, but I was blocking his sword with the dagger and jumping around until I was able to disarm him. He surrendered when I had the sword at his throat and the other man told me to just kill him, but I said I would never kill a man who begged to be spared. He ended up helping find a passage way, which had a weird creepy ghost butler in it telling us to go a certain way. After a bit of decoding, I was able to flip the passage way around and reveal the correct way to go. At this point I had a few people with me, including the man with the big sword (though I was currently wielding it) and the man he had tried to kill. We were walking through the mansion and a bunch of creepy little kids started attacking us. They looked more like evil possessed dolls than anything. One of my followers pointed out that they were clones, since they all looked the same. I remember jumping up into the air and stabbing them from above in order to kill them, since other ways of fighting them weren't working too well. Eventually, I made it to the room of the boss. He was there waiting for me with two other brutes with big looking white guns. I saw them not aim at me, but at my newly founded friends, and I called out for them not to, but it was too late. They had destroyed everyone who worked hard to help me get this far.  I recognized the two men as these two best friends who I had known in high school to be my superiors in NJROTC (which is something I was in). They told me they didn't recognize me, but their boss had ordered them to kill me, and that's what they were going to do.
Their guns charged up and were more like cannons then anything, and they had to lock on in order for them to successfully fire. Me, being as awesome as I was, was able to jump around like a ninja and easily avoid all of their shots. There was a fat brute and a skinny brute, and when the fat one was targeting me, I jumped in front of his friend and jumped away right before the shot fired. The upper half of his friends body was taken clean off. Raged, he started shooting at me like a mad person, but I was able to jump behind him and slice him in half. The boss came out of the shadows and asked me if I would be able to defeat myself, presenting me with a cloned version of me, except in a much higher advanced technological outfit. He took away my giant sword and told me I would have to defeat him with the original dagger that I had. We began fighting, and I jumped to one of the dead bodies and picked up the gun. I started targeting the clone, but he was able to turn invisible so I couldn't get an accurate lock on him. I used the secondary firing feature, but had completely lost him. I'm assuming he had defeated me, because I was removed from everything and ended up back in the "real world" surrounded by some friends. Turned out I had to enter the dream world to defeat this man, and I would have to enter it again if I wanted to win, having luckily survived this time. My real life friends say they would come in and join me, but I warned them that if they died, they would not be able to return.