Thursday, June 2, 2011

Am I Done?

I haven't been able to remember my dreams lately and so I haven't made a post in a while. It might be because of some new medicine I'm taking, but I'm not really sure. I can only remember a part of one dream I had recently so I'll post that here. I really hope I can get back to dreaming soon though...

I was at a concert for my favorite band and I managed to sneak from the farthest spot away from the stage to the very front of it. However, I was quickly caught by a security guard who asked to see my ticket. I started going through my pockets and was unable to find any ticket at all, but at that moment the band starting playing my favorite song. I was freaking out because they never play that song live and was incredibly excited. The security guard was still trying to get me to show him my ticket though, which I still couldn't find. I looked up on stage and saw the lead singer of the band looking at me, but he looked like he was angry at me, and I felt like crap. That's the last thing I remember happening though.