Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's Try This Again

Alright, I had a few crazy dreams last night, as well as one that I had a while ago that I never posted. So I'm going to post them all in the order they happened, and hopefully I'll be back on track to dreaming.


Dream One
I was on the train in New York City and was upset about losing my love after some accident happened. On the train, a little girl approached me and was talking to me even though I was sad. I started playing with her and making her laugh and smile and her grandpa was there smiling at us. After I get off the train, I have a breakdown and begin crazy like crazy in front of the memorial of the train wreck that caused me to lose my love. I look at the list of names on the memorial and realize that my love's name is not on the list and that she may be alive. I am given a glimpse of my love, alive and well, but my dream character does not see this, only me as the dreamer. The little girl and her grandpa end up at my aunts house for some party she was having and we end up watching The Lion King. Whenever I think about my lost love, I have another breakdown, but I try to hide it from the little girl because I don't want her to get upset.

Dream Two 
I was in some kind of game where I had a party of people with me and I was exploring a dungeon. There were monsters and treasure chests everywhere and I was kind of weak until I ended up finding some treasure chest with crazy weapons in it after saving one of my trapped friends. After that, I was fighting in an awesome way, destroying enemies and feeling like a boss. I was throwing spears through giant monster's hearts and wrecking them pretty bad. At a certain point, the dream did a slow motion montage of a bunch of sick kills I got. In one of the kills, one of the monsters sliced open my arm and I remember feeling the pain and touching it and tasting the blood. The kills were played to me one more time, except this time I was covering my eyes for some of them because people died who I didn't want dead and I couldn't stand to see them suffer. At one point, I was taken to a kill of Will Ferrel dressed as a Nazi. I felt terrible because when we found him he said he was forced to join the Nazi Party and wanted to get out, but he was killed anyway. I was able to replay the scenario and save him but a few things kept going wrong so we had to restart a few more times. Eventually we saved him and made him our informant and killed a bunch of Nazi's in a really fun way.

Dream Three
I was young in this dream and me and some other kids were playing around my house. We went up into a tree fort and I ended up falling out of it. It felt like I would fall forever, because I didn't hit the ground right away and I wasn't sure how high up the tree fort was. I remember one of the kids said something like "you didn't hit the ground yet?". And when I looked down, I was already on the ground. I hit the ground hard, but didn't feel anything. I thought I was fine but when I tried to stand up I almost passed out, so my aunt took me to the hospital. I guess in the hospital I had some surgery done on my heart which was affected by the fall, so I had a big bandage on my chest when I went home. There were two children at my house who had a strange aura about them. A brother and sister. The sister looked very cute and innocent but the brother looked evil and powerful. Eventually, the brother found out I had a crush on his sister and challenged me to a fight. He rips off his shirt and reveals that he also has a bandage on his heart, and I realize that whoever gets hit with the first punch to the chest is going to die. We fought for a while until eventually I was too tired to try any more, and I gave up. The brother held me down and punched me in the heart. I remember us being in an area surrounded by boxes and my mom washing dishes in a window, but she couldn't see where we were to save me. Eventually, everyone thought I was dead, including me, because I was walking around as a spirit. I was upset and angered and I wasn't able to touch or talk to anyone. Except for the brother who killed me. He was surprised when he first saw me and I was surprised he could actually hear me and I begged him to bring me back to life. He realized at that moment that I wasn't dead because he had made a promise to my mother that he would protect me, and this prevented him from being able to kill me fully. He said that he was sorry for almost ending my life and that we would have to go on a quest in order to bring me back. Eventually on our journey we became friends. We wound up in a dark forest on the way to wherever we were going, and the brother was attacked by his sister. Both of them were glowing with an aura, the brothers was red and the sisters was blue. Both of them had amazing power and the sister was trying to kill her brother because he killed me. During the battle he tried to explain that I was alive and was a spirit right next to him, but she didn't believe him. Eventually, something happens (not sure if it was a spell cast by the brother) and we all switch bodies. The brother moves into my spirit body, the sister moves into the brother's body, and I move in the sister's body. The sister eventually see's my spirit body (even though the brother is currently occupying it) and realizes that it's still possible to save me. I eventually wind up back at my house, still in the sister's body, and am able to see my family. I don't try to explain that I am still alive, because they wouldn't believe it, but eventually I try to get my aunt to understand. After some more switching around, the brother ends up inside the body of my aunt's baby. He can't control the body, but he is able to exist in the mind. I tell my aunt to go whisper a number from one to one billion into the babies ear and I will be able to tell her and if I can do that, she will know I am telling the truth. Me, the brother, and the sister are able to use telepathy after switching bodies so many times, so I planned on talking to the brother after he heard the number from her. However, when she whispered the number in his ear and I tried to use telepathy, he wouldn't answer me. Eventually, my aunt and one of my cousins are trying to escape from something, so I run along with them and the the baby. We run far, passing a beautiful lake and the feeling of a giant evil creature is looming over me. After trying to talk to the brother for sometime, he ends up telling me the number and apologizing, saying something about not realizing how in love me and his sister actually were and how he's sorry for what he did. I tell my aunt the number and she stops running and looks at me, in shock. And the dream ended there.


  1. Did I tell you that I love this blog? Because I do. How you express your dreams is really intimate, and I really appreciate that you are so open with showing them to the world.