Monday, January 30, 2012

A Lot of Backed Up Dreams

A bunch of dreams saved up, even though these aren't all the dreams I had. These were the dreams that I needed to write down, because they had the most impact on my mind. If only I was able to write down every dream I had, I would go back to having Lucid Dreams. That would be fun.

Dream One
A princess was in a dream world created by some evil witch. The princess was solving the witches' puzzles in order to be set free. I ended up getting taken into the world and the princess was helping me solve the first few challenges. Something happened where the witch was going to kill me so the princess said that she would become the witches prisoner if she let me solve the puzzles, and if I did she would be set free. Before being taken away, the princess gave me some hints and told me that there was a spot on my sword that if I hit anyone else's weapon with, it would break. The witch then took the princess and faded into a wall with her. I was solving a few of the puzzles and then these three monsters attacked me. I think one was a floating skull and one was like a miniature Gryphon. I don't remember what the third one was, but I had a few spells I was using on them to find their weakness. I killed all of them except one, and while I was fighting the last one the dream shifted over to the princess. She was in the witches castle, laying in bed next to a baby. It turned out the baby was mine and it was what the witch really wanted and she was going to do everything in her power to stop me from seeing him. The moon was watching (because in this world it was actually...some giant...thing) and felt sad and wanted the baby to be reunited with me, so when the dream switched back to me, I was on a ship and the moon helped guide me in the right direction. I ended up in some desert area where I found a village of people. For the first time in a long time (I guess I had been in the dream world a long time) I had found people. They were friendly and told me to be careful of the sand because of the monsters that lived under it. We were walking on one of the paths they had made when they explained to me that some of their cargo had been dropped on the sand, and even though the really needed it, they couldn't get it. I got on a thing that was like a zip line and slid down to where the cargo was. They were yelling at me to come back up or I would die. I grabbed the cargo and when the monsters jumped out of the sand to kill me, I pulled out a dagger and slashed them up before they could ever hit the ground.
The dream switched back to the witches castle, and showed the princess sitting at a table with some people. One of them was my dad. Somehow he ended up at my village, I think he snuck away from the table because he was bored and he was with my son. At first, I didn't realize who he was, because being in the world for so long warped your mind and removed your old memories. Eventually, I knew who he was and brought back his memories by reminding him of everything we used to do. The witch knew what was going on and sent an army to come kill me. There was a crazy fight that took place and my dream was split up into two different parties. I ran to the castle by myself, while some member from the village and my dad held back the army, along with my son, who was much older now, even though he still didnt know who I was. I got to the castle, found the princess and started out escape, but the place was crawling with monsters. I had to fight my way out. Back at the village, the people were getting so powerful and using awesome spells. One of them used the death spell on the leader of the army and a grim reaper flew around him, took his scythe and slit his throat with it. In the castle, I was using some awesome spells too, I don't remember exactly what, but I was destroying everything. Right when I got to the witch, I ended up waking up. Though I was still half asleep and the dream was fading, I managed to fight the witch and stab her before opening my eyes.

Dream Two
I was at my old high school doing a lab for a course that I just finished at college. After I finished the lab, I went to visit my favorite teacher from high school. He was happy to see me and asked what I was doing in the school and I told him about the lab. He said there was a huge storm coming so everyone had to wait until 4 before they were allowed to leave, so I hung out with him for a while. He said they were gonna play some PS3 games until it was time to go. My dad somehow ended up at the school and was looking for me. He ended up hanging out with us for a bit, and him and these two kids next to him were showing each other their tattoos (my dad has almost two full sleeves and usually when he sees someone else with good tattoos he likes to talk to them about it) eventually we went for a walk and the floor was kind of broken and covered in vines, like a city lost and long forgotten. We saw students walking underneath and were wondering of they could see us from down there. We went downstairs into the library (and I think I was with a girl teacher now) and after talking to the librarian she eventually let us in. We found the spot and some people were talking about something, I think how the plants had some power to them. Before going in, I had found this gross looking thing and ate it (no idea why, but I remember even though it didn't taste like anything, it had a horrible gross texture). I eventually left to go and find my dad since it was time to leave. I found my teacher and told him that you could actually see the classroom from the library. He thanked me and said goodbye. I found my dad in the parking lot and got in his weird car. It was a really old looking car and was making a really high pitched sound. I got out and said I was going to drive myself home.
I got into my car and started to drive. The steering wheel was on the opposite side of the car though, and I couldn't use the pedals right. I also realized half way through that I wasn't wearing my seatbelt, which was extra bad since I couldn't control my car. I brought up like a "pause" menu, and restarted from the parking lot. This time, I looked in the options to see if I could flip the steering wheel back to where it was supposed to be, but I couldn't. I put on my seatbelt and adjusted the wheel and the seats to make things a little better. While I was driving though, I was still having a hard time controlling the car (another recurring theme in my dreams, a lack of control over a car, gives me this horrible feeling). I ended up pulling over to try and fix things and took out my laptop to try and do something but then just shut it. I ended up making it home somehow and walked up the stairs to the front door.
In the living room was my mom and my brother. They had a package on the table that I have been waiting for (in real life, which is actually supposed to come today) and my mom said she was fed up with my friend (who lives downstairs) because he had some girl over and they were having crazy weird sex. I thought it might have been this girl he currently likes a lot and I went downstairs to talk to him about it. It ended up it was some random girl that he met somewhere else and I got really angry at him, asking him how he could do that to the other girl. I told him to get out of my house because I was done dealing with him. The whore girl showed up and he explained that he wanted to date the one girl but keep having weird crazy sex with the other. I told him that I wouldn't stand for that, especially since the other girl is so sweet. After that, I think the other girl showed her fangs because she was a vampire or something. Someone managed to grab her and my friend and tie them up while I figured out what to do with them.
In one room, my friend was tied to my brothers bed with some of my cousins watching him. He had become a vampire too (a scary kind, not a sparkly kind) and was trying to break free and kill us. I gave my cousin a pen to keep over his heart incase he needed to stab him, but I told him to try not to. I went into the living room to find out what my brother knew, since he was apparently a vampire expert since he watched True Blood. He told me he would contact one of the head vampires to try and help us. Before that could happen my "step-dad" (I don't have a step dad, but my friends dad was in this dream and I was calling him dad as well as my real dad being my dad) came into the living room and said he was going out. We noticed he had fangs and realized that one of the vampires must have escaped. I saw the whore girl walking from the room she was in to the room where my friend was and ran downstairs to grab a machete. When I got back upstairs, a bunch of vampires were coming at me (even though they were more like zombies). My mom and brother were sitting on the couch telling me to kill them, but I said I couldn't kill my cousin or best friend. They started ripping me up pretty bad and one of them had a gun, which they shot me with a couple of times. My mom yelled that they weren't the people I knew anymore and if I didn't kill them, they would kill me and the rest of the people I loved. I took the machete and cut off some of their heads. When I was trying to cut my cousin, the machete wasn't working. I was completely beaten and dying, but I managed to grab the gun that one of them had before and started shooting the rest of them in the head. As I fell to the floor and began to die, I asked God to forgive me for all of my sins.
I woke up in Hell. Though I had sacrificed myself and asked for forgiveness, I still ended up in hell. There were little statues that explained all of my sins, and they were really stupid and annoying (one was something like "you peed on the toilet seat on purpose when you were little") I was so mad that these were the reasons I was sent to hell. As the devil came up behind me to do whatever he was going to do to me, he turned me around and pulled off his disguise, and it turned out he was God. He was playing a joke on me and said I made it into heaven. I was so happy that I was at least in a nice place when I was dead. Eventually, God let me go down to earth to continue this blog (nice of him, huh?) and I tried to use it to have one of you guys get my girlfriend to read it (since she doesn't) because I wanted to tell her everything. But for some reason, it wouldn't work. I ended up going to my funeral and finding my brother and my mon crying. I started "haunting" a book and got it to fall on the floor. My brother realized it was me and opened up the book. I used a pen I had (ghost pen?) and tried to write but nothing would show up. I figured out that the harder I wrote in the ghost world, the more that would show up in the real world. I didn't get much to show up, but I had enough showing to let my brother know I was in a better place and to let by girlfriend know I loved her and would see her in heaven one day. I think God told me that when she died, I would be allowed to visit her, but not stay with her all the time. I was upset, but happy that I could one day see her again.

Dream Three
It was Thanksgiving at my house and for some reason my cousin was bringing one of his friends that I hate, along with a bunch of his friends that I love. I needed to take a shower and get dressed, but I kept getting distracted by random things. Eventually my cousin and his friends ended up showing up. They were doing something and wanted to play a game that involved them opening a gate for some reason. I told them that I didn't think they were supposed to open that gate until my mom said it was fine. They opened it anyway, and a bunch of monster things started running in. My cousins were killing them, because I guess this was the game they wanted to play, but since they had opened the gate earlier than they were supposed to, there were too many monsters for them to handle. During this, I went into the shower, which was outside for some reason, and picked up my razor to start shaving. A giant bug came into the shower and I slashed it and killed it with my razor. When I got out of the shower, everyone was gone. It turned out the monsters were aliens and they had taken over. Everyone was under their control and I had to sneak my way to their leader. I found out that I had the ability to turn invisible and shape shift, so I was making my way around undetected and slowly assassinating the aliens. I eventually made it to the boss who tried to infect me, but it turned out that I was immune to them, and I was the only one on earth who was. They knew they couldn't beat me because of this and that I could whipe the rest of them out, so they returned everyone to normal and left the planet.

Dream Four
There was some kind of survivor game going on. I don't know if I was in it or if I was just watching it. They were introducing two celebrity guests who I guess were supposed to be from some singing show or something. On "my team" I picked a woman named Sheila. She was the only person in my dream who had a name.I don't think my dreams ever come up with names for people, but I know that this was her name.The next event was between these two guys who I'm just going to call Baldy and Slick, since this dream would be confusing without naming them. Slick was a great racer and had been beating Baldy at all kinds of races, but this time it was Baldy who won. They were racing on weird kind of vehicles, I think they were hovercrafts or something. At the end of the race was another puzzle. The winner got the chance to try the puzzle before everyone else, so Baldy took a shot at it. There was a crossbow laying on the floor with a few bolts, I think three of them, and there were three hanging corpses behind a kind of shooting range. Baldy did the obvious, which was shoot each of the corpses with one of the bolts. Nothing happened. When everyone else arrived he explained what happened and we started trying to figure it out. Sheila said that her snake (that she had been carrying around) was poisoned. We didn't need the snake, but we felt bad letting it die. Slick had an antidote that he had won from a previous event, hanging from his neck. Baldy said he should give some to the snake but Slick wasn't going to give in for nothing. Slick made Baldy promise that he would never race again in exchange for the antidote as well as giving him all the cash he had won from the race. Baldy did not want to and almost wasn't going to, but he did it for the sake of the team. For some reason, some of the other members of the team became poisoned as well and had to take the antidote too. It turned out that antidote was actually poison and had not only killed the snake but also killed half of the team. The real antidote was on the tips of the crossbow bolts that Baldy had wasted. At this point, the dream felt horrifying and out of no where some natives of the island we were on came out and started violently hunting down whoever had survived the poison. From there, it showed everyone, except for Sheila, dying, and the dream panned over to two explorers searching in a set of ruins. One of the natives had entered the room they were in and was about to kill them when the explorers showed him American currency. For some reason, if the natives saw this, they became peaceful (which is why Slick had wanted the money). He then tried to help them solved a puzzle in the ruins. The explorers were placing shapes into sockets on the walls but nothing had happened. The native pulled out a sack with more shapes in it and motioned that what they had was only half. He had began rearranging the shapes that had been placed with his own shapes to complete completely different shapes. As the door began to open, I woke up.

Dream Five
I was on a train with my family, including my cousins. We had been having fun climbing out of the back of the train and running along the roof, before re-entering through a window. Everything seemed so beautiful, the sky was an intense blue and the grass was a magnificent ocean of green. We got in trouble at one point because we were caught by the conductor driving the train who told us to stop because it was dangerous. We ended up in New York City and got off the train. There was an army base right where the train let us off, filled with all kinds of "attractions", I guess it was an attempt to brainwash everyone into joining the army. We walked and ended up at a man's studio was taking pictures of families as they left the base. My mom wanted to take a picture of the whole family and for some reason I was really mad. I told her I wasn't wearing clothes for this and that I wasn't prepared to take a picture. After some convincing, I was ready to take the picture when the photographer attacked us. Me and my cousins developed super powers out of no where and started to fight him, eventually killing him. Along with the pictures he had taken there were also paintings around the room that he had done. We started destroying them before leaving the area. In the next area it was like a video game. There was a monster we had to fight and I had to select which character I wanted to use. We eventually killed the monster and moved on, but everything was getting intensely creepy. The last thing I remember is one of the paintings of a giant octopus monster that had survived being destroyed. It started moving and eventually the monster was released and began to track us down so that it could kill us.

Dream Six
We were at a birthday party for my little girl cousin and there were a bunch of little kids running around. I remember going into the bathroom to try and shave my face a little bit and this whore that my girlfriend works with was in her underwear trying to get in the bathroom. I looked away when I saw her and my aunt, who was in charge of the party, started yelling at me to look away from her and stop checking her out because my girlfriend would be upset. I was walking outside of the party and some stuff was going on that I'm not really sure about. I ended up getting into a fight with another one of my aunts, not sure about what, but I ended up crying and screaming that she was a horrible person because she cheated on my uncle and broke his heart. I went into another room where I guess they were handing out birthday cake, and I used the "F" word in front of a bunch of kids and their parents. One of the kids older sisters told me to watch my mouth and I started to fight with her before apologizing and telling her that I was just upset because of what happened with my aunt. After that, I ended up in the living room playing with my little cousin. I was picking him up and dancing with him and eventually put him down. My uncle came into the room and was looking for him and asked where he was, but I couldn't find him. I don't know exactly how it happened, but I guess the Devil got hold of him and was making me solve his puzzles in order to save my cousin. I solved most of them, but the last one was this weird puzzle that I had to connect all of these numbers in order to talk to my girlfriend who was at her house. Out of no where though, she was standing right next to me, trying to help me figure out the puzzle. We ended up messing up completely and when we realized what we were supposed to do it was too late. The Devil came up and said he was going to keep my little cousin. I told him to take my soul instead and he agreed, but said I would have to trick someone else into dying, by getting them to sign a piece of paper without looking at it. He also said that when my little cousin dies his soul will also belong to hell. I agreed, buying my little cousin time, and also plotting to somehow trick the Devil at his own game.

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