Friday, December 23, 2011

Sea Sick

Had a couple of dreams the past few nights, though I can't remember them entirely. I'll type what I can remember though.

Dream One
I was on a naval ship with my mom, who I guess decided to join the Navy for some reason. Something happened where she took off and I went after her to try and find her. I ended up in an area with a lot of houses that had swamp-like backyards. I also had a mini-ship chained to my ankle that was weighing me down that I think my mom chained to me so I couldn't find her. I ended up meeting with someone while trying to find her and he started taking me to the school. These really gross looking bugs were everywhere, crawling all over the place, and I was kind of freaked out (and bugs don't really creep me out that much). Eventually, I ended up at the school, and it was like I was transferring there. I asked the kid if he had a Glee club and he said that they did and took me to it, where I became a member and said that one of my life goals was complete. I think my brother ended up showing up saying that it was time for me to come home. I don't remember what happened, if I ended up going with him or finding my mom, but I think I remember something involving the world completely sunken in water. I feel like I remember seeing a dead body floating lifelessly.

Dream Two
I was in some building, not really sure what I was doing there, but there were a bunch of crane games, which I am completely addicted to. On the first floor, I started winning a few of them and I saw a huge one from the floor above. I went up and was trying to find the big crane, and started pushing a bunch of buttons, which made the entire building shake like a crane. It made me feel really dizzy and sick, but to stop it I had to mess around the controls and kind of made it worse before eventually fixing it. I went up to the next floor where I saw an awesome crane game that had prizes from video games that I liked. I ended up winning a few and the next thing I remember was carrying them all into my room

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