Sunday, March 4, 2012

You Know My Name

For anyone who follows my other blog, A Reaper's Memories, you know I have a very boring class called Ancient Japanese Civilization. It SOUNDED interesting. But boy, was I wrong. Anyway, I took a test in that class on Wednesday and I had a dream last night about the results, which then led to other's really weird so forgive me if it doesn't make much sense.

I was sitting in the classroom for my Ancient Japanese Civilization class, but all the desks were facing the left side of the classroom, as opposed to the front. The professor was walking around the classroom, handing back our tests, and I remember the sun coming in through the window, pretty much blinding me and creating a huge glare on my laptop. She handed back my test and I failed it horribly (though I'm pretty sure I didn't do that bad on it) and I was so mad. I was mad, because my essay questions were correct, but she just didn't like my answers, so she failed me. I almost flipped out, but contained myself before leaving the class. I went to the theater and they were preforming something, but I talked to someone and had him make fun of my professor on stage without actually making fun of her. I can't really explain what happened, because I don't really even know. To sum it up, I got a guy to call my professor a bitch, not directly, but it was known that it was towards her. After that, me and my girlfriend went into some show or something on campus, but since most of the seats were full, we started sliding down railings as opposed to walking through the crowded aisles. When we eventually found seats, I turned to the guy next to me and started talking to him. He looked like Jason Segel (from movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I Love You, Man) and I told him that. He started laughing and said people told him that a lot. We talked for a bit and became friends. But this is where things started getting weird.

He told me he thought I was cool and he was going to spare me from a virus he was going to spread. At first, I was cool with it, and asked him what kind of computer virus it was, and then asked if he could spare my girlfriend too. He looked at me and said he wished he could, but if it spread to her it couldn't be helped. He then informed me it wasn't a computer virus, like I had originally thought, but an actual airborne virus that would slowly kill everyone who didn't have the vaccine. I asked him if my girlfriend and I could have the vaccine, but he refused. Things turned kind of Metal Gear Solid like, and I found myself sneaking through a forest area. I found myself with some gear that I'm not really sure how I got, and was taking out some of the guys guards on the way to his facility. I had a weapon that I believe was similar to the way the virus would work. I would shoot it, and a bee would fly out, stinging whoever I hit with it. Then, a swarm of bees would fly around that person, stinging them to death. I think the virus was going to eventually be put into these bees' stingers and spread in a similar way.

When I arrived at the facility, I was spotted by a guard, but he was decayed and looked like a zombie. An alert was triggered and I sorted through my weapons to try and find something to incapacitate the guards with without killing them (even though they were zombies I guess). I was eventually killed because I wasn't prepared with my weapons, but was able to start over at the beginning of the room. This time, I set my stealth camouflage, along with some good weapons, and was able to sneak in and out, placing bombs as I did so. I also remember these weird binoculars I had that were made out of eyeballs, ripped out of Revolver Ocelots head. As I left the facility, things shifted to more of a James Bond feel. I was talking on a communicator to someone who I guess was supposed to be my wife and she was talking about our daughter. She eventually called her by a nickname that my wife never knew for my daughter, which tipped me off to the fact that this wasn't who I thought it was. I followed her instructions to where she wanted me to go, but I knew this was a setup. When I arrived, I was ready, and killed her and the bad guy, explaining how I had figured out what they were up to. I walked away from the facility as it exploded, destroying all traces of the virus inside.

This song was stuck in my head after the dream, so I'll share it like I do with all the other songs that get stuck in my head due to dreams.

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