Thursday, September 8, 2011


Alright, so I haven't been posting at all for most of the summer. But that led me to realize a few things. For one, it led me to the idea that there HAS to be a correlation between writing a dream journal and having lucid dreams. I doubt this is true for EVERYONE, since I'm really the only test subject at the moment, but there is definitely some relation there for me. So, I'm going to try and resume this journal and see how long it takes me to get my lucid dreams back. It was also hard for me to record my dreams because...well, I wasn't having any. I think it may have been do to a new medicine I was taking, but recently I seem to be dreaming again every night, so hopefully that problem is eliminated. Well, we shall try this and see what happens.

Dream One
I found myself at a college theater, awaiting the opening the play my brother is in the process of being the part of. I was talking to him about how I was so surprised that even though auditions had just ended, the play was already done. I went to find a nice seat, but while I was walking around I found the battery of a cell phone that someone had dropped. I asked around to see if it belonged to anyone, but all I could find was a man willing to help. We manage to find out the name of the owner of the cell phone and then began to question the members of the audience if they knew who this person was. The first person I asked was a slightly attractive blonde woman, most likely in her thirties, and it turned out the the cell phone had belonged to her son. She thanked me for finding it and was talking to me about a few things before I went up to join my mom and my brother (even though he was supposed to be taking part in the play) and the top row of seats. A few moments after arriving at my seat, I noticed the blonde woman get up from her seat and begin walking towards me. I had started telling my mom that I think she was attracted to me for some reason, but was unable to do so before the woman had sat down next to me. The woman began to talk to me about something I really had no interest in, but I listened for a while before finding an excuse to leave. My family and I went to a cafe on campus where we were going to attempt to hide from her. At this point though, the woman was essentially stalking me. The only way I was able to get away from her was when my mom and brother distracted her and I was able to teleport home via the anima system (something used in Square-Enix's MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV). At this point, I was now sort of inside Final Fantasy XIV but I was scared that if she had seen me teleport she would be able to track down my location and find me, so I disguised myself as my friends female character. I believe this worked and she was unable to locate me, and I relaxed and returned to my real life home.
The next thing I remember was laying in my moms bed, wondering if this women knew who I was and if she could find me. At that point, I heard a knock at the door, and yelled to my mom not to answer it, but it was too late. I heard screaming and fighting and I'm not really sure what happened to my mom and my brother, but the woman appeared in the room with a large knife. She was clearly insane at this point and was crying about how I didn't love her and how she would have to kill us all because we could never be truly happy. She started to slash at me, but I grabbed a broom stick and was blocking some of her stabs. A few of them got through and hurt pretty bad but I knew I would be able to fight her, and I was not going to die. Eventually, I grabbed the blade of the knife with my hands, even though it was cutting them, and managed to take it away. The next thing I remember doing is savagely stabbing her with the knife, cutting her literally to pieces and leaving the knife in what was left of her bloody mess called a body. I walked into the living room to see if my family was alive, and everyone was fine. They asked me what happened and I told them, and they told me to make sure she was dead. I explained that there was no possible way she could still be alive after what I had done to her, but my mom suggested that I feel for a pulse. I touched her neck and began to panic because even though I didn't really feel a pulse, I knew she was still alive. I took the knife from her body, stabbed her a few more times and ran out into the street looking for a police officer. I finally found one and had explained what had happened and he was willing to help me. Eventually a detective showed up (played by Morgan Freeman) and had been trying to help me figure out what was going on. At that point, a weird creature had flown from my house and towards the police officers telling us that there was nothing we could do to kill it, and that it could easily destroy our world by stabbing what looked like a pin into some kind of instrument that was the shape exact shape as the creatures body. Detective Morgan Freeman suggested that if stabbing the instrument in that exact location would destroy the world, then stabbing the creature in that exact location on its body would destroy it. The creature began to panic and we knew that we had found it weakness, but suggested we created a truce. We would enter into negotiations and if the creature was satisfied we would trade it what it wanted in exchange for letting me free of it's stalking and harming my family and the guaranteed safety of earth. The creature agreed and we went into some weird minigame where we would offer him certain items and he would decide what he wanted to accept. Eventually, he was happy with what we were going to be giving him but during the negotiations, his reinforcement ship had showed up. He flew away, thanking us, and told us that he would leave with the ship and let them know of our alliance. While that was going on, a giant spider-like creature was emerging from the ground and my little group was unable to defeat it. We began to run away until eventually, we came to a pirate ship who were willing to help us, because they had been in an alliance with the police officers. We were rescued and everything was fine in the world once again.

Dream Two
In this dream, I started out riding in the back of a convertible care similar to the car I have, while my brothers friend and her ex-boyfriend, Carl, were in the front. Carl was driving and began to pick up a lot of speed. While we were driving, a minivan was attempting to turn, but waited before we were right next to it to attempt this, and smashed into us. Even though we were in the smaller car, we didn't really get effected by the hit. The other car, however, was badly damaged. Carl continued to drive and we began saying stuff like "Carl, I think you hit someone back there" and he responded with "Yeah, should we go back?" and I told him we should. When we arrived at the scene of the accident, the car was smoking and the people were still inside. I checked on them to see if they were ok and one of the women was hurt pretty badly. I asked if they had called the police, but they said the police were going to take an hour and a half to get there. At this point, Carl approached their car and began screaming at them for turning in front of him like that, but I told him to chill out because they were really hurt and we could worry about that later. They acknowledged that it was no ones fault but their own but I told them not to worry about it for the moment. Carl went back to his car and I stayed with the girls just in case they needed any more help. Eventually the police officer arrived and was talking to them and I told her what happened and the girls admitted it to being their fault but I told them that Carl kept driving and we had to tell him to go back. The officer was not happy about this and she went to question Carl. Suddenly, I saw Carl take out a knife and start to stab the officer and I ran over to him to stop him. Eventually, he and some of his friends went into a near parking lot and were armed to the teeth with guns and weapons. I went in there to stop him and everyone was telling me not to go, but I went in anyway. I remember having some sort of weird machine when I went in there to confront them, and they were getting ready to kill me. I had a cool looking trench coat on and sunglasses and looked like I wasn't afraid at all. Right when they were about to open fire on me, I pushed a button and the machine I had began to take all of the ammo they were shooting at me and sucking it up like a giant magnetic vacuum. When they went to reload, I pushed the button again and it sucked up the rest of their ammo, right out of all the clips, as well as the weapons they had, including Gatling guns that were on the back of their trucks. After that, I beat the hell out of all of my opponents, saving Carl for last. I don't remember exactly how the final battle between him and me went, but I do know that I won.


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