Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dream Games

Alright, so again, I haven't blog posted in a while, but I have been recording my dreams in a note on my phone after I wake up from them, so I'm going to post them all as one post. If some of it doesn't make sense it's because I can't figure out what I was trying to say when I wrote it half asleep, but I'll do my best. Sorry if there's no real "plot" to these, even though there may have been one in the dream originally

Dream One
Me and my mom were running away from a horrible storm that had started on the east coast and was slowly moving west (though in my dream, New York was on the left of the United States and we were moving to the right). We had been driving and barely outrunning the storm for a while, and we were able to see the huge gray cloud behind us, destroying everything it flew over. Eventually, we made it to a beach, but couldn't go any further, but instead of the storm killing us, I was taken under by severe waves (which is a reoccuring theme in most of my dreams and I can't figure out why...did something happen to me at the beach when I was younger that I repressed?) I was tumbling beneath the waves, unable to do anything, and no matter how far away from the water I ran, they were still able to get me. Eventually when one of the waves took me under, time rewound, yet I still had my memory of the escape. It had begun again, with us back in New York, trying to drive west. This time I knew that making it to the coast would not do anything for us, so we decided to try and find a way back into New York after the storm had passed it. While driving west, we came to a train station and asked where it was headed, but we were told that it would be going all the way west, so we did not want to take it. We continued to drive away from the storm and eventually came to an airstrip with planes taking off. We thought we would hop on a plane and fly through the storm, but at that moment another plane had tried to this and exploded upon touching the storm cloud. We got into one of the planes that was unoccupied on the runway and decided to try to fly around the storm by going south and then back north to get back to New York. There was a problem with the plane though and we ended up crash landing somewhere in Mexico, where we were being hunted by some people. But I woke up before finding my way out of there.

Dream Two
Me and my girlfriend were at my girlfriends house babysitting her younger sister. Eventually I had to leave so she drove me home. At my house she ended up staying there for an hour past her curfew, and then went home. In the morning, her parents had called me and said she didn't come home the night before and they had been out looking for her for a while. Eventually she came back to my house with a friend that she had found on the way home the night before and had been driving her friend home (even though I guess her friend lived right next door to me). It turns out her friend was a porn star and her and her friend had a lesbian experience and she decided that she didn't want to be with me anymore and wanted to go do porn with her friend. I went to the neighbors house and talked to the other girls husband, but turns out that her husband was in charge of all the porn and said he was going to be paying me for all the movies she would be making. I was still shocked and confused and didn't really know what to think. At that moment another man came in saying how he wanted my girlfriend but the other girls husband began to beat him up saying that she was my wife and that I had all the rights to her. I didn't like this because even though she belonged to me, she still didn't love me or want to do anything to do with me.

Dream Three
I was sitting in class getting ready to take notes when my girlfriend came in the room and said there was a fire in the building, but then right away said she was just kidding. The teacher was mad at her for saying this but ignored it. Normally, the teacher was very nice, but today she was being completely crazy. Everyone in the class was getting annoyed because she was making ridiculous rules and people were getting in trouble for reasons that didn't make sense. At one point, she took away the laptop I was using to takes notes on because it had a few games on it that I wasn't playing. Eventually we all went outside because there was a fire department assembly, but everyone in the class had enough of the teacher so they were being rude to her and turned the class into an outdoor party. Eventually, one of the students stood up and told us to look at ourselves and explained what we were doing. We all apologized to the teacher and calmed down. The teacher walked up to the crowd of students looking very sorry and sincere, but then started giving out detentions instead of apologizing like we thought she would. Then she turned to my girlfriend and told her that she would be in detention for the rest of the semester, but my girlfriend just laughed at her because she wasn't even in her class. Then the teacher turned to me and said that I would take her place in detention and miss all of her classes and I would fail all of the tests, so I told her I was just going to drop her class. Then she turned into a giant monster and chased us back through the building. Me and my girlfriend ran back into the classroom because I forgot my laptop, and then then we jumped on a giant warpstar and started to fly away. While we were flying we shot lasers at the teacher monster and blew her up. We had managed to escape and lived happily ever after.

Dream Four
I was at my dads house and there was a party going on. My dad was very drunk and kind of being a jerk. I was at the neighbors house and he was talking to her about her boyfriend. He said something about her only liking certain types of guys and it was very rude and she was upset. I told her I would talk to him about it. I ran after him and he was very angry and I told him he couldn't say stuff like that to people. He took his bottle of whiskey and threw it at me, but it hit the ground. Eventually, a bunch of helicopters started flying overhead and landing around us. It was the military saying that something had landed in our neighborhood. Turns out it was a bunch of aliens and they started killing everyone. Something else happened that I don't really remember, but I ended up being in a public bathroom hiding from something but that's all I can remember.

Dream Five
I found myself in my house hanging out with my girlfriend. We weren't doing much, but we went into my room to try and fool around. But inside my room was my aunt and she was watching us carefully to make sure we weren't doing anything. I was really mad that she wouldn't give me some privacy so I went to my mom to tell her about it. I start talking to my mom, but her and my brother tell me that we are all trapped in the house. I ask her what she is talking about and she tells me to try and leave. I open the door and see two terrifying looking decomposed people and they were keeping us in the house. I laughed and told them I could easily destroy them, and I did. But, then a third one appeared, with wings and looked even more terrifying than the first two. Suddenly, I found myself in a different area. There were other people with me and we were trying to find a way out. I remember walking through a sewer with a group of people before getting separated from them. I found myself staring at a lake, and the next thing I knew a horrible creature jumped up from the water and pulled me down. I was drowning as it held on to me and I was looking up from under the water when an old woman pulled me up. I thanked her and I returned to my house. When I came back to the house, I realized that me, my mom, and my brother are all dreaming and that's why we can't leave. They want to kill themselves in order to wake up, but I tell them not to worry because I know how to wake myself up and I will go and wake all of them up (which, I can always do when I know I'm dreaming). I woke myself up and found myself laying in my bed. Everything was completely normal. I ran into my moms room and woke her up and she asked me if I had a scary dream and I told her I did, but that I had to go wake up my brother. I ran into his room and woke him up and he said he was having the same dream too. At this point, I didn't realize I was still dreaming, but thought I had woken up and was back in reality. I turned on the TV and  saw that our dreams were being broadcast as a television show. I had also realized that if we had died in the dream we would have died in real life, because a group of children who died in the dream actually died in an accident in real life. There was also a commercial on TV for a celebrity who had gone missing and I realized he was one of the people from the dream. I ended up tracking him down and found out he had gone into hiding after the dream. It turned out we had been dreaming for a few years, and they were going to continue to let us dream until we all lost. It was at that point that I realized I had to stop the people behind this. I tracked down the old lady who had saved me in my dream and it turned out she was my martial arts master. A flashback of the dream showed me that it wasn't actually my teacher who saved me, but a projection of her, and in the dream it was actually a creature wearing a scary mask, that I guess took residence inside of dreams. The teacher was training me to defeat the people in charge of the dream show, and told me they were going to be premiering their release of the show at New York Comic Con. Me and my girlfriend went there, and before going in she was training me in the art of fencing to take them down. (My notes say at this point that they end up trapping me in another dream, but I don't remember and then I woke up. Maybe I'm dreaming right now...)

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  1. More interesting than my dreams which consist of a lot of falling.