Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mob Chase

Alright, before I begin writing about the dreams I had, I want to note something that I found very interesting. Maybe a little weird. I don't know. In the blog post titled "I Love College...and Zombies?" I was dreaming about the college I was supposed to attend this fall and I am currently going to classes there. There was one part of my dream where I was talking to a particular girl, and I remember her face..."Eventually, I was on my way back to the guy dorms. Some girl was coming up from them and she looked at me, but didn't want me to think she was a slut or something and said "I was just using the restrooms there, the girls are broken" and I was making small talk with her and I said something like "hey, don't I know you?" and she really did look familiar, but I didn't know her. Again, I felt Alpha because she was flirting with me pretty bad." The weird part about all of this is my new college, I met this girl for real. I didn't realize it at first, until she was smiling at me. I remember the girl in my dreams smile above everything else. The girl from my college is now my new friend and we enjoy each other company, but I think it's very weird, and almost impossible that I had a dream about her before I met her. Probably some psychological mind trick going on. I thought I would record this down though, since this is a blog about dreams.

Dream One
I was at some kind of amusement park with a few of my friends having a good time, and I realized my girlfriend was also there. I told my friends I was going to go look for her and I left them and began searching. Eventually, I found her in a hotel room inside the amusement park and she said she was staying there with her family and was very happy to see me. Her dad came back to the hotel room from wherever he was and was very pissed off to see me standing there talking to his daughter. There was also another woman there who was fighting with my girlfriends family because she had claimed that the hotel room was actually hers and that they had stole it. Eventually they just decided to share it. I started to leave, when all of a sudden the room started to flood. I grabbed my girlfriend and was able to swim out of there with her. That's all I can really remember.

Dream Two 
I was at a horse racing track, and everything seemed like an opening for a movie. I saw a known mobster with his grand daughter. He dropped his bet ticket on the ground because his grand daughter was playing with it, and I picked it up and handed it to him. I saw the horse he had bet on and saw that the payout was $44 Million. I had a feeling that the race was going to be fixed, so I ran up to the betting window where my mom was and told her to bet on that horse. I couldn't get through the crowd so I had yelled to her and she heard me, but so did the mobster. Eventually, the horse won and the $44 Million prize was split up between me and the mobster (even though this is obviously not how betting works). He was very angry to only get half the prize and told me to give him my half or he'd take it. I ran from him and he sent a bunch of his gang after me.
Eventually, I found myself hiding in a mall, disguised in security guard clothes along with two dream friends who I had never actually met before. Eventually, the mobsters found us and shot one of my friends. Me and my other friend eventually hid up in the ceiling, and ended up staying there for a few years. Time passed and one day while I was out getting what I could only assume was groceries, they had found my other friend and killed him. I was completely destroyed by this and thought it was time to end all of this. I went to the mobsters hideout and I handed him the ticket for the rest of his money. He was still going to kill me, but I think I killed him first. However, all of the money was lost as well. In the end, I lost both of my friends and all of the money. I guess there is a lesson to be learned there.

Dream Three
I was entered into some kind of poker tournament and had gotten really far in it. Me and my girlfriend were both at the same table, as well as a bunch of other kids who would be known as my "team". For some reason, even though we were playing against each other, we were supposed to be working together. I was dealing first, and was being a complete idiot because I had half of the cards facing up and the other half facing down. I also took half of the deck and put it into my hand by mistake. I told them I was going to fold that hand because I had screwed up so bad. Eventually me and one of the other kids got into a big fight about something, and I left for a bit to find a bathroom. My girlfriend came with me and we ended up in some parking lot with a bunch of stores around us. She left to go find a bathroom and I stayed behind with her stuff, but then I started getting woozy because I needed an insulin injection (even though I'm not diabetic in real life, I guess I was in this dream). I started crawling towards the needle that I needed before my girlfriend eventually saved me. I had said something like "I thought you didn't love me anymore." and she assured me that she still did.
I headed back to where the tournament was supposed to be, but ended up in a place that looked kind of like my house. There was a bunch of gang members there (they didn't really look like gang members...more like mafia, but not italian). They wanted something from me and I couldn't give it to them. Eventually, one of the guys shot me in the back, and I saw the bullet hole on my stomach. I put pressure there and begged them not to kill my family because they had nothing to do with it, and they had gotten me. They were about to kill my younger brother when everything rewound, and I was standing there being asked to give them what they were looking for. I told them it was in my room and I ran in there and locked my door. While the man who originally shot me was trying to get in, I picked up my baseball bat and began to search for my airsoft gun under my bed. I eventually found it and when the man came in I put the gun to his head, and thinking it was a real gun he dropped his weapon. I picked it up, shot him and then a gun fight broke out between me and the mob guys. Eventually, I managed to get out of there with the help of a few police officers.
When I made it back to the tournament, I sat down next to the kid who I got into a fight with. I told him I was very sorry that things had gotten out of hand and begged his forgiveness, telling him that if we were going to get through this we were going to need to work together. He accepted my apology, but as he did, we were no longer playing a card game. Instead, we were in a huge battle with a giant worm like creature. We were fighting with everything we had, and eventually lost, but we were able to try again. I'm not sure if we won or lost, because I woke up.