Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Army's Struggle

Few more dreams from the past few nights. Pretty interesting, some of them felt cool in the moment.

Dream One
My Mom wanted us to get haircuts in the morning,  but I told her that I needed to go to school. I spent time looking for a text book that I had lost recently, but wasn't able to find it anywhere. During my search I ended up sitting down and watching some movie that was on my television. .

Lieutenant Snow was the main character. I watched as her and her group held down some area from some bad guys in an epic battle scene. After the battle they went into a room where they were met by a guy named Wallace on a big screen talking to them. They talked about someone who the movie was named after (radiant angel or something like that) and she had been captured. They realized that Angel had an important book with her, and it was lost when she was abducted. Snow returned to the facility that her base was located in and was walking past the library, when she was asked where the book was. She said that she still had a few days to return it. the lady said to follow her, because only people who weren't planning on returning books gave excuses like that. Snow went inside and the lady asked where the book was. Snow started to tell her that Angel had been abducted and everything she was seeing on the news was a lie and a cover up. She went into detail about the horrible torture of Angel. The woman was crying and kept saying "what happened to the book?" and right when Snow was about to answer there was a flash and a crash. The woman no longer cared and just wanted the book back, but Snow ran. A bit later, the thug of the group met up with snow and handed over the book, saying that he went through the trouble to find it. It turned out that the people who captured Angel didn't know what the book was and just threw it away. He went through the garbage dump to find it. They returned to the facility but when they attempted to enter Snow was shot by guards. The thug told them to stop because they had the book and were there to return it, but the guards said their orders were to shoot Snow on sight. The bullets were weird, more like needles that buried through the skin. As Snow held on to the gate, trying to push the book through, someone unleashed these birds that covered the area in water that froze over. The bars turned to ice, which the dying Snow broke off and used to stab the guards with. Unfortunately, I woke up before I saw the end.

Dream Two
I saw an ad where this couple was paying 2 million dollars to a person who would marry their dying daughter. She was really young, but she had been dreaming of being a bride. I showed up in an attempt to make some money and was going to meet with the parents when I heard the little girl in the other room. I went in to talk to her and we started playing with her dolls. Her mother came in and said they had found someone else to take the job. I told her I was sorry and that I would leave. I think the little girl told her mom she wanted me to stay cause I was fun to play with. I told her I would stay and play with her and require no payment. A couple of other people showed up because they really wanted the money, including a few girls (it was more like company for the little girl than marriage) and we talked and eventually became friends. It fast forwarded a few months where the parents were going to pay us. It had been like me and my new found friends were nannies for the little girl, keeping her happy and always keeping her company. The mother had appreciated all of our help and was going to split up the money between all of us. I didn't want any money because we had grown so close, so I just decided not to take it. A few of the others had started collecting their money from a pile, but put it back because we had all fallen in love with the little girl and her family. There were a few other people who were working there that weren't my friends, and while they were happily accepting the money, they were also robbing the family of more than they were supposed to be getting paid. I caught them and told the mother that they were stealing money and she called them in and told them to return the money. One of the girls did, but the guy started to run. Me and my two friends that I had made while being in the house chased after him. He had an assistant who was blocking us off from getting to him and eventually started to fight me. He was beating me pretty bad, and we ended up in the street in front of my house. I was eventually able to push him in front of a car, which he tumbled over and was hurt pretty bad. I know he was saying things to me but I can't really remember what. I think it was here that I learned of a plot that the main bad guy (the one who got away with the money) had. A friend of mine (real life friend, not dream friend) just had a baby, and there was a plan to assassinate him. The reason was that this baby was going to grow up to change the world, and the bad guy couldn't have that. I managed to pick up a knife the henchman had been using on me, which had cut me up pretty bad. Something was happening where his skin was being peeled off his wrists and he was in a huge amount of pain. When I had him completely broken down, I slashed both of his wrists before cutting his throat.

After that it was like another dream, a friend (who I know in real life) was at a playground with a water gun shooting at some little girl. The woman who was in charge of watching over the little kids asked what he was doing there and he said he was playing with his niece. When the woman smiled and left he turned away and told me to come with him. We met up with some kids and I told them what happened between me and the henchman and how I just killed a man. They didn't believe me until I showed them the scars on my wrists where I had been cut, which looked really bad. They started asking about what happened when a bomb went off. I told then to run because the bad guy was after me and we jumped from building to building until we ended up in a different world (though I guess it was actually a normal thing in the dream world we were in). We went into a town and started asking the people if we could stay there because we were being chased by a man who was trying to kill us. The people there were these big, blue, boxlike creatures and I explained what had been going on. Some of them said they wanted to help us fight the bad guy. I told them I would be glad to have them. Eventually I went from world to world talking to the different people who were all sorts of different creatures and were rallying them together for my cause. I had told them about the plot to kill an innocent child who would one day save all of us and they were all pumped with the idea to help us fight. I had essentially created an army, which was great because the bad guy was way too strong to take down by myself. We arrived at the enemy palace and me and my friends were standing in front of his throne. He began to laugh at us saying we were outnumbered, until all of the soldiers from the other planets rushed in. There was a crazy battle that ensued after that. It was weird because there were a bunch of different things fighting each other, like a Koopa fighting Bowser by blowing fire on him which was actually cute and funny to watch. In the end, we had been victorious and the bad guy was defeated. The baby was safe and the universe was safe. At that point, I exited the world and was hovering over it when a new "level" opened up and I asked the army if they wanted to check it out. They all cheered that they did, so I entered. It wasn't actually a battle though, but it was like a mini game of a woman grabbing all kinds of desserts and sweets while the credits were rolling and the army was enjoying a party and a wonderful and free life.

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