Thursday, December 1, 2011

Killing Another Reaper

Three interesting dreams from last night, so I guess it's time to post them.

Dream One
I was driving the teacher of one of my classes (it's kind of an introduction to the campus class and he's more of a T.A. than anything) and some other person to a meeting we were supposed to be having for that class. I drove all the way to the campus fine, but once I got to the parking lot, I was having trouble controlling the brakes of the car. I hate dreams like this, which I have sometimes, where I have no control over my car. I pressed my foot as hard as I could on the brakes, but it wasn't doing much. The two people in the back looks really concerned that I was going to crash, but I eventually parked the car fine. They laughed at me and said I was a horrible driver before exiting the car. We went into the building and hung out and everyone was having a good time. My girlfriend showed up a little later and it was just a nice feeling kind of dream.

Dream Two
I was at my girlfriends house (which looked more like an apartment) and we were laying on a bed watching television. I told her I had to use the bathroom and got up to go use it. While I was in there, I heard her dad come home from work and when I came outside and he saw me, he started flipping out. He went to hit her, but I stopped him, and then out of nowhere a bunch of giant monsters were summoned and took my girlfriend away. I ended up at my dads house and on the stoop in front of his house were these red orbs, all in a circle. It turned out if they were touched they would teleport me to one of the lairs of the monsters and I would have to defeat them to get my girlfriend back. My little cousins kept trying to touch the orbs, but their parents were stopping them and for good reason. I went upstairs in my dads house and started talking to a friend of mine from an online game that I play. I told him I accidentally spawned the Gods and I was going to need help to take them down to get my girlfriend back. He told me that I would only need to kill one of them to get her back, but the quest wouldn't be over until I killed them all. He said he would get a group together to fight them, but it was going to take a while. I ended up touching one of the orbs by myself in an attempt to rescue her and was teleported to the dungeon. Armed with a spear, I fought my way through until I made it to the God. I think it was some kind of giant blob or turtle or something that I can't realize describe, but it was pretty ugly. With all of my power I managed to kill the God by myself. I saw in my quest log and on my mini-map (yeah, this turned into a half video game half reality type dream) the location of my girlfriend and started heading towards her when I was "disconnected" from the portal. I "log back in" and a group of monsters had spawned while I was away. I panicked because this was my only chance to save her and wasn't able to fight all of them well enough. Luckily, I managed to take all of them down with a really rough fight while spamming healing potions on myself. However, the fight pushed me back into a room with a mummy, and the doors closed on either side of me. From the walls, more mummies began pouring out and I struggled to fight them off. I almost kill all of them when one of them bites me and I turn into a zombie as a result (thanks to a discussion me and my friend had where he had argued that mummies were essentially zombies wrapped in bandages) which made me mad because zombies and mummies are different creatures. The next thing I knew, the entire world was infested with zombies (way to go, I single handedly caused the zombie apocalypse) and I found myself hanging out in a mall with other zombie friends. Though the world seemed to be living as zombies there was still a feeling of terror in the air, so that it actually felt like a nightmare, and there were people running and screaming away from the zombies.

Dream Three
In this dream, I was playing and living in a form of Assassin's Creed. I have not played the new one yet, but I was in the shoes of the wiser and older Ezio Auditore. I was hiding in the shadows, differently from how the game is actually played. It was more like I could only be seen if I was in direct light as opposed to blending in with crowds to hide. I was at some place that kind of looked like a mix between a barn and graveyard and there was giant grim reaper stomping on the ground. I was stalking him silently, following him into the barn. He had a pet snake with him keeping a lookout which I grabbed and silently assassinated. The snake dropped a black cloak that was supposed to represent the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter. I put it around my neck and snuck past the reaper into another room. The other room had something that kid of looked like an experimental tube from Resident Evil but also had a blinking item on the ground that could be picked up, like something from Fallout (how many things can I cross-over in one dream?). It was like my little brother was standing over me watching me play, because I heard him telling me to pick up the Hi-C carton on the floor (the blinking object). I went to the test tube and picked up the second relic, which was what looked like a white orb or apple, possibly a Piece of Eden. I went back to the place where the giant reaper was and jumped out of the shadows to fight him. He was terrifying, but awesome looking. When I defeated him, I claimed the relic he was carrying, which was eternal life. These objects were supposed to represent the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter and I remember telling my brother how awesome this game was, because that was just the beginning.

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  1. Your third dream sounds like a bunch of product placement lol.