Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finals Dreams

Been saving up these dreams in a notepad on my phone to post when I was done with my finals, so sorry if this post is a bit long. Also, the post might be a little messy because I just copy and pasted it from my notepad. I'll do my best to edit them but I actually don't remember having some of these dreams so they are hard to really edit. Some of these dreams were crazy though.

Dream One
I was at a family party or something and all of these bad guys were trying to kill me for some reason. I think they put me and some people under the influence of some dream device to inhibit us from stopping them from getting what they wanted. I remember walking through a dining like area and spotting one of them before running from him. I ended up going upstairs and there were a lot of elevators around. The men started coming out of them and I was wrestling around fighting them. I think I managed to get one of their guns away and started shooting them. When I shot them they would fade away. Eventually I met up with some other people who were trapped in this dream world as well. We had teamed up to try and find a way out. Some of them were my cousins and their friends. Some of my cousins friends ended up dying during our journey which I assume meant they were dead in the real world. My cousin and his other friend were really upset that they lost so many. Eventually we ended up at a huge monster and we all had awesome looking swords and guns. We fought the monster until it was dead and we were freed from the world.
When we woke up, we all met up and were happy to be alive. I was talking to my family about what happened but they had no idea what I was talking about. I went into the other room and found all of our swords laying there. I picked them up and brought them back to the group and handed them out to each person who had one in the dream world. Something kind of unimportant happened where my cousin's friend had some pictures on his phone that I wanted so I tried to sneak them off, but it didn't really have anything to do with the rest of the dream. After that we all said goodbye and went our separate ways.
The next thing I know, I was watching my cousin and his friend drive to a house late at night. It was like I was watching a movie though because I wasn't actually there. I saw them go into the house and start killing the people inside. They had become bad people, drunk with power and seeking revenge for their fallen friends. They captured a man in the house and set up a dream world device. The man fell asleep, but so did my cousins friend and then my cousin, because it turned out they had no idea how to use the device. I think I ended up walking into the house and falling asleep too. The next part was some kind of tanker place, with guards everywhere, and I was trying to escape alive. But that's all I remember.

Dream Two
I had to go back to community college, even though it was actually my high school for some reason. Me and my girlfriend had to take an extra class there before we could continue taking classes at our University. Our class was where my NJROTC classroom used to be in high school, and I saw my Senior Chief and said hello. In the classroom, it was some kind of music dance class but the professor was a really big jerk. I missed the attendance sheet or something and spent most of the class trying to get it. Some other weird stuff happened but eventually he assigned me to the lancer group. Our job was to clean up the attic by picking up garbage with a lance. I actually liked it a lot better than the class though. For some reason Greenday was playing and I think the lead singer was in the attic cleaning too. I eventually found this weird door and some crazy stuff started to happen.
I think I got lost in the door and there were monsters everywhere. I started walking and saw this floating skull thing who was talking to me about something, possibly about how I was going to die. I started slashing at him with my lance and his face started to peel off. He fled, and I was safe. I was searching for two other people, and I think I found the first one but then lost him. I ended up at the house of the second kid and went in to find him. The mother was waiting at the door and said I could go in, but once I walked passed something possessed her (and she looked terrifying). Inside I was met with the dad and he told me to be careful of the giant plants roots because if I touched them I would die. I started exploring, looking for the other kid, and ended up in his room. He wasn't in there though and the possessed family started trying to break through the door and kill me. I held it down and eventually was able to escape. Outside, I found the other kid who said his family had tried to kill him too, so he ran. We ended up in some room and found a secret passage which led to a squirrel (Icarus?) who was giving us acorns. After that it started turning into something like Little Nemo (a movie I loved when I was a little kid). I got the glowing staff and when these monsters started approaching I kept saying "pajama pajama pajama pajama!" until a blue light exploded and made them disintegrate. I was having some trouble controlling the staff and said to my girlfriend (who magically appeared I guess) that things would be much easier when we found the princess, because she could teach me how to use the staff. We met up with her but that's all I remember before waking up.

Dream Three
Me, my girlfriend, and one of our friends were driving in a car, coming home from something. My girlfriend ended up driving onto this place surrounded by water and the car eventually fell in (I have a this theme that pops up into my dreams every one in a while of a car driving close to the ocean and it always gives me a horrible feeling). I busted out of a window and swam to the top, but realized my girlfriend and friend were still in the car. Part of me had realized it was a dream and said "It's alright if they drown, because it's only a dream". But then I swam under the water, kicked out the windows, and rescued them. My girlfriend was so happy that I saved her and then I thought to myself that it wasn't actually a dream so it was a good thing that I saved her.
After that, I was at some fair, and these guys kept trying to get with my girlfriend. They looked like a bunch of thugs who wanted to kill me, but I was ready to fight them. Eventually, I just took her to this place we could be alone and away from the guys looking for us.

Dream Four
One of my good friends came into my room and started talking to me about this girl that he has recently been talking to. They have started to get really close. I asked him how he was doing with her and he said that he was done talking to her. I asked him why and he told me that he was gay. I asked him why he had led her on if he was gay and he told me that he was just having fun playing with her emotions and he liked to see people get hurt. I yelled at him and told him to the get hell out of my room and he looked at me like he didn't understand. I kicked him out and he started crying, saying that he didn't know what he did wrong.

Dream Five
In my Child and Developmental Psychology class, my professor was giving us back grades on papers that we wrote (even though I didn't actually write a paper in that class). He handed me back my paper and I got an F on it. I looked at it and it seemed that I only gave him the first page of my paper. I told him that I accidentally only gave him the first page and wondered if I could give him the rest. He made an appointment for me to meet with him in his office after my next class. I went to my next class (which ended up being Child and Developmental Psychology again, yet different from the previous one) and set in the lecture while some weird thing was being set up, like a game show. I then realized that I would have to meet with my professor and still make it home in time to take my girlfriend to her Christmas party.

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  1. Neat drams I always fall alseep in Physics haha, and thanks for commenting on my post :)