Friday, May 6, 2011

Bad Romance

Alright, I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say that I had this dream because I fell asleep with HBO on right after hearing a commercial about Lady Gaga's tour at Madison Square Garden. It was really weird so forgive me if I describe it and it's hard to follow.

I was at what was supposed to be my great grandfather's house, who lives in Florida, but in this dream he did not. In the house was much of my family and I was on my laptop doing something. I got up and went into the kitchen and when I got back, something had caused a fire. I saw my two little cousins sitting on the couch playing with their Nintendo DS systems. I rushed and yelled at them to get up and leave the house, quickly evacuating everyone I could and me and some other of my aunts were looking for a fire extinguisher, but my grandfather said there wasn't one in the house. I grabbed my computer and left some of my other stuff in the house to burn. The fire was moving very oddly though, it wasn't spreading like a real fire would. More like a Minecraft fire. Square to square, except very slowly. Outside of the house, I guess we were waiting for the firetrucks to come. We were standing on some train tracks and avoiding trains as they passed us by. I tried to keep my cousins away from the trains, and I wasn't sure why we were on the train tracks, especially since they were so busy. I found my brother and he said he wanted to go into the city, so we left everyone else and headed for the city. I was either flying at this point or I was jumping from building to building, but eventually I heard some woman announce on a radio that I guess I was listening to that Lady Gaga was playing right now at Madison Square Garden (I'm going to assume it was another commercial playing at that point and the voice was actually projected into my dream). The woman also said that she was spotted in the back of an alley nearby getting ready for the show. I told my brother to meet me there over the phone, since we had split up or something, and I saw Lady Gaga in an alley, just like the woman on the radio said. She saw me and told me to come down (since I was still on top of the building) and I climbed down a fire escape. She said that I was going to help her out with her show and I would be allowed to go backstage with her and be on stage with her and I agreed that I would and thought it was pretty cool.

Things are going to start getting increasingly more weird from this point on. I don't know what happened at that point, then she said she wanted to kiss me, or I asked her, but I really don't remember how it came up. I told her that I had a girlfriend though and I didn't want to cheat on her. She said something like "I'm sure she wouldn't mind" and I said "Yeah, you're right" so I gave her a quick peck, but then she shoved her tongue in my mouth and I pulled away. She said "That's how Gaga kisses baby!" and then continued to kiss me. Eventually we stopped and I don't know really know what happened, but I think she was upset we couldn't be together. I asked if I could have her phone number or something because I thought it would be really awesome to be her friend and I would love to keep in contact with her. She gave it to me and I guess she went on to do her show.

I don't know what happened exactly at that point, but I believe I was following the rest of this story watching a young blonde woman. This blonde girl had information that the mayor of whatever city (I don't know where the hell this was, because it sure wasn't New York, it was almost like England because I think there was a queen there) was having an affair with Lady Gaga and she wanted to get the story out. I believe that the mayor was married to the queen, which doesn't make much sense, but that's how it was. I only remember little fragments of this, but I think the blonde girl was getting into some magical fights inside a library and eventually ended up at a tower where she tried to talk to the queen. The queen said she knew about the Gaga affair and that she was trying to keep the whole thing quiet. It was then revealed that Gaga was with the queen and the queen didn't mind...or something. But the queen did care about the story getting out, so she trapped the blonde girl in some magical bubble that made her float towards the ceiling. After that, I think an agreement was reached and everyone was friends.

And during all of this, Gaga wanted to be with me (I know, dream me is such a stud) but this romance could never be. I felt connected to her, but loved my girlfriend too much to leave her. Sorry Gaga.

I asked my girlfriend if she would care if I made out with Lady Gaga, and she said she wouldn't. So, good for me...I honestly don't know why I dreamed about making out with Lady Gaga, but hey, none of my dreams make much sense. Guess we'll see what I dream about tonight...