Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Had some crazy dreams, felt cool at the moment but was also kind of scary feeling at the same time. It also felt incredibly real. 

Dream One
I was inside some kind of video game or something, where I would spawn inside of an egg and have to push my way out. Once I popped out, I was fighting some monster or something, who was way too strong for me, but I kept attack him without thinking and kept respawning back in the egg. Each time I died though, I would have to wait for a timer to reset before I could break out of the egg. The last time I was in the egg, I started to realize how closed in I felt and I really wanted to break out of it. I didn't want to stay inside of that egg an longer but the timer to respawn felt like it was taking forever and I was started to get claustrophobic and panicking. I saw an "abort game" button and I pushed it, and it let me crawl out of the egg back into reality. Out in reality were some of my friends (even though they were just dream friends, not people I have ever met before) on they congratulated me on getting some treasure, which they showed me. I think they split it up between us and I went on my way. The next part is very fuzzy, but I ended up at a party or something. My dad was there and pretty drunk and was hanging out with his girlfriend. I went upstairs and there was an orgy or something going on (I don't really remember this part of the dream but I'm going off the notes I wrote down after waking up) I was trying to protect my girlfriend from creepy guys who were trying to get to her and someone touched her and she disappeared. People start to leave the party and I start saying goodbye to people I know like I usually do when I leave a party and I went to hug this creepy little kid goodbye, but he wouldn't say goodbye to me because he seemed afraid of me. I remember this kid being very scary looking. He was small and was missing both of his eyes, but had bandages over them. It was like he was actually dead. Everything started to rewind and I find myself at the beginning of the party, much earlier than when I had originally arrived. I saw my girlfriend at the top of some stairs and I realized I had to find her. I think this time things will be different and she will come with me. But I also think she may think I'm creepy because she has only met me once before this (I guess in the dream, the party was the second time I ever talked to her) and she hasn't fallen in love with me yet. I realize we are at a brothel and she is a pure girl that everyone wants. There is also something else going on, and the dream shows me her sitting in a hidden room surrounded by mirrors about to be beat by the female owner of the brothel. I also see my girlfriend start to sing "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" except it sounds more like the version from Sucker Punch and the dream fades out while I hear her singing. 

Dream Two 
I remember that there had been an apocalypse and I woke up in a room that was completely white. The ground was white and the walls were white and there was nothing in the room except for a few people. There was also some weird fuzzy monster thing in the room who I asked to kill me because I didn't want to live in this world anymore. Even though they were never seen, there were also terrible monsters lurking outside of the house we were in. The fuzzy monster put his hands over my mouth and nose and tried to suffocate me, but I was unable to die from that. I guess I left the white room, because the next thing I remember, I was in my cousins house. They had all survived as well and we had candles lit, even though there was a backup generator ready to give us electricity in an emergency. Outside I saw a huge amusement park that looked absolutely beautiful, even in the destroyed world. The lights from the park were enough to illuminate the entire house but I knew it would be attracting the monsters out there as well. I decided I didn't care much, since I wanted to die anyway, and I wasn't afraid of anything. I walked into an office that my uncle was in and he had some lights on. I don't know what he was doing, it looked like paperwork, but I don't know why he would be doing that. The office looked really awesome though. After that, I was hating that I was in this world, but I started to think about dreams. I was wondering if I was in a dream and thought of a trick that someone once told me about clocks. He told me to look at a clock, check the time, look away, and then check it again. If the time has changed or is weird then you will know you are dreaming. I did this, and the time on the clock read normal at first, but then it read something like "7-8" which I knew was wrong and everything around me changed. I realized I was dreaming, but I kind of "woke up" inside of the dream. I was able to control certain things but not the entire dream. At one point, I was on my computer and members of my family were trying to stop me from using it and insulting me, but I pointed my hand at them and said "freeze" and they were completely petrified, leaving me free to do whatever I wanted. Eventually, I woke up.

The Lucid Dreams are getting easier and easier to control, and the more I write and think about dreams each day, the more likely it is for me to realize when I am dreaming. I'd have to say my little experiment is a success, but of course I'm going to keep recording to see what happens. 

Here's the video of the song I heard in my dream, just thought it was very fitting. 

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  1. interesting post. my dreams are never really interesting enough to share