Monday, May 9, 2011

Deadly Sharks and Deadly Dads

So my mom and brother burned out the charger on my laptop after they burned out the charger on theirs leaving me without a computer, which makes it semi-difficult to post my dreams among other things. But I'm going to try my best. I have two dreams from two different nights, but I'm going to post them in one post since they are relatively short.

Also, I noticed my last three dreams all involved song titles, which I thought was interesting. I probably could have kept the theme going but I try to go with titles that feel natural, even when they suck, and I didn't want to force it. I thought it was really cool though haha.

Dream One
I was watching some kind of live show with my girlfriend and some others in the audience. Two of the main characters were joke arguing about something around a shark tank that was part of the show. They cut their backs open and jumped in and said whoever was eaten first would lose the argument. I think this was actually part of the show and therefor no one was actually going to die. However, me and some other members found ourselves a little too close for comfort because we were sitting on a step leading into the shark tank and there were sharks swimming by our feet. A bunch of us panicked and got up and began to run and jump away from the tank but when I tried to do that, I fell in. At this point, I was sinking in the water and feeling nothing but absolute fear. I don't even think I can describe the amount of terror I felt in the dream. I attempted to swim up but eventually felt so terrified that I passed out under water and began to sink even deeper into the tank, sharks swimming right beside me, circling me. I'm also terrified of fish being near me in the water so this was terrible. Eventually, I was out of the tank, though I don't remember how, and found myself in some kind of sewer labyrinth. An evil old looking wizard told me if I got through I would be able to find my girlfriend. I eventually got through all of the obstacles but when I reached her at the end, the wizard trapped me somewhere else and said it was up to her to save me. But that's her story, not mine, so I woke up.

Dream Two
I was at my girlfriends house and was wrapped up in blanket in just a pair of underwear. My girlfriend was sitting on the same couch as me, fully clothed, and some other girl was sitting on a couch across from us. We were all watching something on TV when I thought I heard a car door outside. I told my girlfriend I should get dressed incase her parents came home and got the wrong idea. I stood up and dropped the blanket and at that exact moment, her dad walked in the front door. He started exploding with anger as I tried to explain myself, but he wouldn't hear it. Eventually, after I think what was a long car chase and attempted escape, I sat down with him and explained to him that I was very much in love with his daughter and planned to marry her someday and that even though nothing happened between us, I cared about her very much. I don't think he cared too much though.


  1. lol that's pretty crazy bro. also lol'd at the car chase part in dream 2.

    (p.s. are you a miscer? if yes then what's your username?)

  2. my dream was about playing league of legends. i have a problem.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    @Moobeat I have dreams about stuff like that all the time. Actually, my latest post was about Portal.

    @Arcita Glad you thought it was funny haha. And sorry, I'm not a miscer, though I do know what that is haha.

  4. @Moobeat Haha, I have dreams like that all the time. Depending on what games I play or really want.

    @Arcita Glad it made you laugh haha! But sorry, no, I'm not miscer.