Friday, May 13, 2011

Portal to the Afterlife

Alright, I don't know what happened, it could have been because blogger went down and removed some posts or it could have been because I submitted this post wrong from my phone, but this long post I had got erased. So, in order to keep my dream logs accurate, I have to repost it. It was funny because I originally thought I was going to be making a short post about the portal dream, but that dream reminded me about the second dream I had. Then after writing and posting the second dream I put down my phone, looked out the window, and something reminded me of the third. When I finished that, I remembered the fourth and was at the supermarket by that time and was too busy to write it in. So, here we go at attempting this again, and hopefully this time it stays.

Dream One
For a while I had been debating on whether or not to buy Portal 2. When I think about wanting something, sometimes I dream about it. In this dream, I was playing Portal 2 co-op with my brother. I remember us being in space and jumping around pretty much just playing with the portal guns and having fun with them. Eventually, a huge bear monster was about to be released so I shot a portal that he would fall through and then land somewhere else. It worked and he took some damage, but then he came at us again so we had to finish him off. I know there was a lot more to this dream, but that is all I remember clearly about it.

Dream Two
After having that dream, I ended up at the mall that day and I decided it was time to buy Portal 2. That night, I had a dream that found me in the same mall. In this dream, I started out in a classroom where this woman said it was Spanish class. For some reason, everyone in the class got really angry. I know I was angry because I had already taken Italian as a foreign language, but in reality I wouldn't mind learning Spanish since my girlfriend speaks it fluently. I asked my friend if we really needed to be in this class and he told me we didn't so we got up and left. Outside of the classroom was actually the mall. Me and my friend met up with some of our other friends and we were having a good time hanging around the mall. Eventually, this group of kids showed up and the "leader" of the group was a big hulk of a man-woman. I couldn't really tell what it was, but I'm going to call it a man. Eventually, he started picking on one of my friends about something and so I stepped in and told him to back off. Not being able to understand reason, the creature took a swing at my face. I'm pretty sure it hit me so I grabbed him and threw him across the mall. After beating him up for a while me and my friends went back to enjoying ourselves at the mall.

Dream Three
This dream was incredibly creepy at the time. In the dream I believe I was having a sleepover with my cousins or something at my dads house. My cousins all fell asleep in the guest room, so I went into my dads room to sleep on the floor. I walked in and saw my brother already asleep on the floor and I saw that the computer was on. I went over to it and saw a whole bunch of porn on it so I shut it off, but for some reason it jumped over to my phone and I couldn't get it off. After a while I ignored it and realized I had to use the bathroom. I left the room and walked towards the bathroom when I heard what sounded like my grandfather laughing with this woman he had recently broken up with. Since I thought they were no longer together I went downstairs to check if she was there. I walked downstairs and saw that the only thing down there was my grandfather asleep on the couch. I was wondering what I heard and was looking around but found nothing. I think I might have gone outside and looked around too, but found nothing. When I returned to the stairs, I saw my grandfathers dog laying dead on the steps. This was creepy because the dog had actually died a few days ago. I stepped over him and went back into the bathroom. After using it, I was washing my hands at the sink and looked up into the mirror. I felt a really weird presence there and then my face started looking very evil in the mirror. I said the words "Grandma?" aloud, I guess thinking it was the spirit of my grandmother who died in that house a while back. After saying that, I was flung up into the air by something and hung upside down. I was screaming for help but my voice was very raspy and faint. I continued to scream until my dad busted into the bathroom and got me down. That's all I remember from that dream.

Dream Four
In this dream I don't remember too much. I remember being in a hotel room in Las Vegas with a bunch of my cousins and some of my friends. I think one of my aunts was there too. We were sitting around a TV watching The Room  for a while, and then I think I was looking for something else to put on TV because everyone else had fallen asleep and I was getting tired myself. I couldn't find anything good and then I think I said aloud something like "Wait! We're in Vegas!" and then some of my cousins were awake and we were outside of the room ready to go downstairs. Some of my younger cousins were running around the hotel floor before we went down into the lobby which looked pretty awesome. But then I woke up.

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