Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rain on a Wedding Day

Alright, I only remember bits of pieces of this dream but just a bit of back story, my cousins grandma can be a little...mean sometimes. But in this dream she was kind of combined with my great uncle and his wife. I'm not sure how my cousins grandma actually feels about homosexuals but I know one of her sons is gay and they still love him. My great uncle and aunt though are very religious so I don't know how they feel about it. But in this dream they were all projected into one person, simply because of the setting of the dream.

In my dream, my cousin was going to be married and we were setting up for his wedding. I remember walking around his huge house and looking at some stuff, but I don't remember too much else about what was going on. The next thing I do remember was sitting at a table with his Grandmother. She was playing a song on the radio and told my brother to pay very close attention to it. The song said something about God hating gay people and my brother is homosexual. He sat their quietly, not saying anything (which is the opposite of what he would do) and she was talking down to him a lot, until I stood up and cursed my head off at her. I don't think I ever yelled at anyone that much before. Of course this was only a dream, but I was still yelling like an insane person. I don't even know what I was saying, but her and her friends were so insulted they said they were leaving and skipping out on the wedding. My uncle got furious and said he had to call off the wedding because she wasn't going to be there but I was glad she was gone. After that, I saw my cousin and told him what happened and said I was sorry but I wasn't going to let anyone talk to my brother like that. He wasn't too upset about it and we told him we had to leave. While we were leaving, it started raining, and we got in our car and went home. Me and my brother were talking about something, but I don't know what, other than what just happened.

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