Monday, May 2, 2011

The Little Things Give You Away

I had a dream a little while ago. It was one of those dreams you can't stop thinking about, even though it wasn't too crazy until the end. It was like one of those movies you see, where it's all you can think about for a while. It may not seem that way in the description, but it was so full of emotion. 

Something happened where I was back at high school. I don't know why, but I was getting on the bus for a few mornings in a row, even though I can drive. One of the mornings though, I missed the bus, and me and my brother drove to school together. I had a few classes, but ended up at a freshman assembly. The teacher for the class I was supposed to be at said this was an assembly for freshman who were late to class, but I was not a freshman. She was my health teacher from back then, so I headed up to my health classroom. I don't really remember what happened here though. I do remember seeing my girlfriend at some point during the day though. Eventually, the bus dropped me off and I saw my actual bus driver. She turned the bus around in a way she never did before and when I got off, I said "thank you" like I always did. I always thought bus drivers needed some appreciation. I was walking back to my house, but I can't remember what happened after that.

The next thing I remember, I was touring the college I was going to be attending. I met up with some people who were going to be my room mates, and I could hear someone explaining the way rooming worked, saying that there will be one television in each room, constantly playing Alice in Wonderland. Then it spat out some fact about how many times the movie had been played since it had first started doing this. My room mates seemed pretty cool, but they were really hard party types. I didn't mind it, and had some fun hanging out there. I don't know why, but we were staying at the college for a little while, and my mom and brother were in a room next to ours. It seemed like time had passed and I had known these guys for a while. My mom walked into my room and saw the other guys smoking weed. Before she came into the room, they blew some into my face and I started getting "high" but in reality all I felt was what it felt like to be buzzed off alcohol. She asked me questions about if I was smoking and I told her I wasn't. She went back into her room with my brother and as soon as she left me and the other guys started laughing uncontrollably. We were having a really great time.

After that, we were at some kind of assembly that the guys in my room were putting on. It was kind of like a show and these guys were really famous and they let me go on with them. I don't remember much about what they were actually saying, but I know it was absolutely hilarious, yet very dirty. My mom was in the crowd and wasn't very pleased. They were each telling stories about when they were drunk and stuff they had done, and one of them would leave and come back in a trench coat with a thong and make some funny jokes and I was laughing the whole time. Then my brother said something about me never drinking and the first time I drank was legally and I got drunk off one drink and they started making fun of me. I didn't want to correct them because I didn't want my mom in the audience to get mad at me, but I ended up doing it anyway. I don't know why I was so concerned with my mom, the only purpose in this dream she seemed to serve was being wherever I was, making me feel ashamed of things I was doing, which is the complete opposite of how she really is. During the show, the guys kept calling for this girl, Ashley, to come up on stage with them. Eventually, towards the end of the show, she was getting ready to come on stage, but right before that my girlfriend came up to me and said she had to leave a little early and I told her I would be right behind her. I said goodbye to my new friends as Ashley came on the stage and they started doing something dirty with her, but I don't really know what. I just know she was naked. I left to follow my girlfriend and my mom was pretty pissed about the show, but I didn't care much.

I was trying to find my girlfriend but since she went ahead, I couldn't catch up with her and she left without me. I found my mom and she had all my stuff with her already and we started walking down some stairs. She almost left her car keys in a door, but I grabbed them for her and when I saw another set of keys and asked if they were hers, some man passed by and said "No, your mom just want's all the keys in the world" which made no sense at all, so I looked at him weird and followed her down the stairs, with my brother trailing behind. We got into her car and began driving. I turned on the radio and heard the song that had been my girlfriends favorite before I met her. It was "I'll Be" except it was being sung by Corey Taylor (the lead singer of Slipknot) with his other band, Stone Sour. I tried to use the app on my phone to tell me what the song was, even though I knew it, but it wasn't working and as I was playing around with the volume of the radio, it kept getting messed up. When the song was over, I tried to call my girlfriend, but I couldn't get an answer. Eventually, I knew something was wrong and I believe I called the police and freak out as I report her missing. It flashes forward a bit to the police finding her car sunk in a flood, but she was taken before the car had sunk. 

At this point, I remember staring at the car, the door open and the car seat empty. I start hearing a song playing, titled "The Little Things Give You Away" by Linkin Park and I start seeing a lot of flashes of things that I can't grasp, but I believe the dream fast forwarded. The last thing I do remember, is holding my girlfriends hand, water surrounding us, and the biggest tidal wave I have ever seen about to crash down on us. I remember the water being a crystal clear blue unlike anything I had ever seen in my life. We were holding hands and staring into it as it towered over us, before it eventually crashed down on us.