Friday, May 13, 2011

Work and Play

I had two dream last night.

Dream One
I was in some sort of theater group or something. I think it was like a camp where a bunch of kids were sent away. I have never been in any type of singing or acting class before so I was terrible compared to the other kids and wasn't given any kind of good part. Eventually, some woman came from whatever company sent funds to the theater group and wanted to shut the group down for some reason. She was asking some people questions in private but completely ignored others. We were all sitting in front of the stage when she was going to make the announcement we were shut down and some people started saying she wasn't fair because she didn't even talk to all of us. She ignored that fact that some of us were even there. I stood up and started talking about what the group had done for me. I told her how amazing it had been and that I had never even been on a stage before but this place made me feel really good. Some other people started get up and talking to try and convince her and then we all ran up on stage to do the latest play we had created. I normally had a very minor part, but I think this time they let me take some other parts because it was just for fun. I think at one point I was singing something and after that me and this other guy were two comic relief characters who were using their silly talking to distract this one character who was trying to have the main character hanged. While we were distracting them, a bunch of characters in gold armor came in to start a battle with the bad guys. We jumped in to try and help fight, but were swiftly knocked away. They let me get into a suit of the gold armor and help out in the fight, which we were actually playing out. It was kind of like a game where if one member of the other team got hit, they were dead, and there was no definite winner so anything went. At the end it was me and two other guys left and I was parrying them with my sword and blocking with my shield until I sliced both of them at once with one lucky shot. After the play we all went back to our dressing rooms and I felt pretty good about about myself and was smiling at all the girls. We were all changing out of our costumes and I guess we were saying goodbye until next time.

Dream Two
For some reason, my mom owned a 7-Eleven in this dream. I was working there and she was training me to use the cash register and I had a pretty big line in front of me. I rang up the first customer I had and his total came to like $16.40 or something like that and he gave me $20 and left. I didn't know what to do with the change since he didn't want it and I was also really confusing myself because for some reason I had my wallet out and was trying to put money into it. I accidentally put the money the man just gave me into my wallet and continued to try and help the other customers. No matter what happened though, there was always something I was calling my mother over to help with me. Later that night, I had remember that I accidentally put the money into my wallet so I went back to return it. I walked in and there were a bunch of people there and as soon as I started touching the cash register they started yelling that I was stealing and that they were going to call the cops. I put the money back and asked one of the people there if I was allowed to work another shift now, but they said I couldn't. The cops showed up because someone reported me stealing and I tried to explain but the background of my dream shifted from the store to a police questioning room. I ended up telling them everything and I think they let me go.

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