Saturday, April 30, 2011

Don't Leave Me, Scythe Girl

I haven't had a dream in the last two days, but about three days ago I had a series of dreams in one night that I never got around to recording. So I'm going to make up for that now.

Dream One
I believe I was at some kind of convention, it was possible that it was supposed to be a local anime convention that I go to. I had to use the bathroom, but the only thing around was a urinal that was kind of in the open, but you stood in it kind of like a little bathroom stall. The people around could see you and talk to you, but they couldn't see your lower body. I went to use it and was talking to some people and some tall weird old guy came up to me and started touching my back. I told the guy off and started yelling at him, and then he grabbed me by the throat and took me from the urinal and started taking me through a hotel. I was choking and couldn't breath and he was moving me quickly through a labyrinth of hotel rooms. My girlfriend was chasing after us and eventually managed to save me from the man. At this point there are two things that could have happened that I'm not sure of. The man retreated back to a big dark evil looking castle, and I turned into an awesome looking hero. I think the guy took my girlfriend with him, but I'm not sure, because I also had a partner wielding a scythe and I'm not sure if she was supposed to actually be my girlfriend. Either way, I was told I was supposed to gather a group of seven people, each wielding a different legendary weapon in order to take down this evil master. In the middle of this however, it faded from me being in the dream to me watching the cool looking heroes on a TV screen. I looked out my window and saw an ambulance outside and some paramedics approaching my house. I went into my moms room to see she was watching the same movie on her TV, and asked her if she knew about the ambulance. She said she called them cause she was hurt or something and I went outside to see what was taking them so long to come to the door. Outsider, two of my friends were sitting on my roof and my girlfriend who was scared to climb up, and I told them I was watching the coolest movie I had ever seen, but didn't know where the paramedics were. My friends pointed out to me that they were meditating by the river in my backyard (which I don't have) because that's the type of paramedics these people were. I don't remember anything else from this dream though.

Dream Two
I was swimming in a pool while my friend's girlfriend was also swimming around in it, away from me. I got out and sat at a table that my friend's were sitting at and started talking to one of my friends. He told me he had broken up with his girlfriend (the one swimming in a pool) and I was kind of happy because she doesn't treat him too well. However, my other friend told me he was dating her now, and that's why she was still there. I got up from the table and started screaming at him that I was completely done with his friendship and I never wanted to see him again. I'm not sure if my friend (who just broke up with his girlfriend) told me this at that point or after I left, but he eventually told me that he was now dating my girlfriend. During my rage, I saw a woman at a table sitting with her kids and she was upset with me because of the language I was using (since I was cursing up a storm at my friends) and I apologized and paid for some of her meal. When I left, I saw my friend who was now dating my girlfriend, and he was holding her hand. I ran up to him and punched him and he punched at me, and I was in a complete rage at this point. We fought for a bit before I eventually walked away, feeling like crap and pretty much giving up on life. I was walking through a parking lot, unable to find my car, possibly because I had driven with my girlfriend and she now had the car. I saw an older brother playing soccer with his younger brother by a tree. I sat there and found a box containing a bunch of classic video games that in my dream were worth a lot of money. I asked the two brothers if it was theirs, and they said it wasn't. However, shortly after two other people in Street Fighter costumes came up and asked if anyone found their games. I handed them over and they left. The two brothers who were playing soccer started talking to me and I told them that my girlfriend of four years just left me. I started walking with them and we got back to their car. The younger brother showed me a scythe which reminds me of my girlfriend, who recently cosplayed Maka from Soul Eater. I call my girlfriend because I miss her, and I "wake up" inside my dream and find myself at a computer. I instant message my girlfriend, which wakes her up as well, and I ask her if she still loves me, to which she replies that she does. She types out three short stories for me to make me feel better and I go into my next dream.

Dream Three
I have a short dream about a guy who is dressed like Doctor Who (even though I've never watched Doctor Who) and calls himself Doctor What and he's like a super hero or something. I don't remember this dream that much, but I wrote down a note of it and it says that some guy flew threw a window and Doctor What took his organs. After this short dream though, I had another dream that I actually do remember.

I was at my dad's house and my little cousin was playing his Nintendo DS. I went upstairs in the house and my dad was talking to me while I looked out the window. I didn't hear what he was saying because across the street in a large glass window I saw a couple have sex, and was completely distracted by this. The next thing I know, I find myself in a weird tunnel-like place walking with my dad, my uncle, my grandpa, and my little cousin. We eventually find ourselves at three portals they each split up and walk through different ones, my little cousin going with his dad, my grandpa going through another, and my dad going through the last. I listen to what they tell me about each portal and walk through the same one my dad went through. At this point, I realize I am dreaming and the roads all begin to turn to rainbows and I follow them to one of the neighbors house (the same one from the Apocalypse dream). I imagine that a girl will be there and she is, but then I try not to think about scary thoughts and I see her face morph quickly into a demon before it changes back. I see she is watching A Clockwork Orange and think to myself that if this were real life, I could easily pick her up by talking about the movie, and say "I love this movie" out loud, even though I know I don't need to. She starts heading upstairs and I see her face morph one final time because I thought of scary thoughts again. She tells me to make love to her and reveals to me a very weirdly pierced body. I start playing with one of the piercings trying to figure out how the hell it was attached (because it was hooked up very weirdly to her body) but then my mind went completely black, almost like I closed my eyes. My mind tells me that if I open my eyes, I will back in the dream but I am hesitant to do this. I slowly open my eyes, but find myself laying in bed, woken up from my dream. I should have known this would happen, since closing my eyes and then opening them has always been the method I used to wake myself up from nightmares.

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