Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aliens Have Feelings Too

I haven't really been blogging in the past few days, and I'm sorry about that. I didn't really have any dreams I could remember except for one I had two nights ago that I didn't record, but I forgot it. I did have a dream last night though. So here it goes.

I was on a baseball field playing with some friends. Or that's how it started anyways. It was weird because it seemed like we were on a TV show or something. I think we had a guest star who was Derek Jeter or something. Anyways I was playing outfield, which I used to play when I played baseball and sucked at everything except hitting. It started out like it was a tryout or something and for some reason in the dream I could not throw a ball. I would pick up the baseball and my wrist would twist all the way around until it was upside down and then I would toss it and it wouldn't go very far. I kept getting made fun of pretty bad and I walked away with my hood up crying I think. Then Derek Jeter said something like "that's not cool" and left. Eventually I was back and there were two teams or something. One team would alternate pitchers and the other team would alternate hitters, and we were all lined up. I was waiting on line to prove myself as a good hitter. My dad was in front of me on line, but went up to the pitchers mound and threw a fast pitch, striking out the guy (even though my dad never played baseball). Eventually, it was my turn to hit, but before I was ready, the coach threw the ball and said that was it, I wasn't allowed to try again. I got so mad that I got up and started swinging my bat at lights and other weird technical stuff that was hanging around for some reason. The next thing I know, the little stadium we were playing in started to collapse, and everyone started escaping in escape pods. All that was left for me was a note saying to use this one portal and try to survive on earth for as long as I could and it gave me directions to a hide out in New York City. So I guess the whole time I had been an alien...after that I was teleported to the city and found myself on a bus. A young girl was telling me about the city and helping me find my way to the address of my hideout, even though she didn't know I was an alien. Eventually, some demon dog things were hunting me down, so I jumped off the bus and started running until I found the apartment. While I was running, it looked really cool. Everything was lit up and I was running on all of the lights. Inside the apartment, I found my alien contact, and we hid as the dogs searched our apartment. Eventually, they had sniffed out where he was hiding and went to open it, but we both popped out from a different hiding place with alien guns, and blasted them. But that was all that happened in the dream.

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