Saturday, April 23, 2011

Slipping Away

Been slightly busy lately and I apologize for not keeping this update to anyone who looks forward to my crazy dreams. I also feel bad not logging in my dreams because if I don't do this right I'll screw up my little "experiment". I had another semi lucid dream a few nights back but first I'm going to log in what I remember about my dream from last night.

Dream One
I was at a mall or something and there was a zombie apocalypse (yay!) and there were zombies EVERYWHERE. I think my mom or someone got bit so I needed to find some herbs (everything was kind of Resident Evil style, even the dream movement). It actually felt more scary than awesome, since I wasn't packing a small arsenal. I think I eventually found my mom some herbs and headed back...but along the way I found some dynamite. When I got back, I lit some explosives and threw them at the zombies and managed to clear the entire mall of them. I saved the day and all was well, though I'm not sure if it was just the mall affected with zombies or the whole world.

Dream Two
I arrived at a house that was supposed to be my dads house, in a limo. It had a prom-like feeling to it but the people in the limo with me weren't really close friends. I got out and I think there was a party waiting for me, don't really know what I celebrating though. The house was surrounded by ocean on most sides, it actually looked pretty nice. Eventually, something clicked and I realized I was dreaming. I felt like the God of my dream and started floating in the air above everyone. However, like my last semi-lucid dream, I couldn't fully control it and was fading in and out of power. Still felt pretty awesome flying around though.

Usually, I am able to create people in my dream and have them do whatever I want, but I've been having trouble with that. Like, I think of a certain person I want to smite or whatever, but they kind of appear and then flicker away. Maybe it's because subconsciously I know I'm trying to have a lucid dream, where in the past it just kind of happened? And now I know that there is a possibility it won't work? I guess I'll have to keep recording and see what happens. Thanks to anyone who is still interested in my blog! I love the support and comments!

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