Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Working

Alright, I had a few dreams last night, but I was woken up at 10:00 am during this morning after not really getting too much sleep because my girlfriend was stuck at work so I went to pick her up, which wasn't really a problem...actually, I'd have to say it's because of this that I had my close to lucid dream. When I got home I was doing a little bit of reading until I started feeling really tired again. I fell asleep and had a bunch of dreams, one which was seemingly lucid but hard to control. I'm going to post the three that I remember, even though some parts are really fuzzy.

Even though I had the lucid-ish dream second, I'm going to post it last.

Dream One
I was at Toys-R-Us with my girlfriend and she asked me to go into another section to look for a costume that her sister wanted. I eventually found it and grabbed it and on the way back I ran into one of my aunts. I'm not really sure which one it even was and I have no idea what we talked about but then we parted ways. After that I think some other stuff went on but I don't really remember anything except that I was disguised as my girlfriends dad for some reason. I'm pretty sure she knew I was doing this (and just now I remember seeing her dad and her mom on the couch laughing and having fun but I don't know what that had to do with the dream) but being disguised as her dad might have been to go to a party in his place or something. I'm really not sure. After that me and her found ourselves in 7-Eleven and we were going to get Slurpees. They didn't have any flavors I like though (even though there is ALWAYS a flavor of Slurpee I will get) and then we found some random slushee in the freezer that I thought looked good. I pointed it out to my girlfriend and she said something like "Yeah! That's really good! It has banana peppers in it!" which, I normally LOVE but do NOT want in my slushee. She then convinced me to try a free sample that they happened to be giving out of it and I didn't want to. I did taste a little of it and I'm not really sure how because at the moment I was going to grab the free sample cup from the guy, my phone rang to wake me up. I DID taste it though and I think it was just a little bit from another customer but she said something like "No! You have to get your own and eat the whole thing!"

Dream Two
In this one I think I started out looking for a job. I'm pretty sure some stuff happened before this but I was talking to this girl who owned her own shop and after that my mom asked me where I was going to work. I told her my friend could help me out because she owned her own shop and gave her this little information sheet to look at that I hadn't read yet. Turns out the shop was some kind of drug place, where the woman used a flower shop or something as a cover to sell drugs and the information sheet was instructions on how they work. The next thing I know I'm in the shop apologizing to the woman who I guess I accepted the job from and told her I had to quit and that I didn't mean for my mom to read the sheet. Then my mom and the woman were talking and my mom revealed that she had burned down all of the womans drug facilities After that I had my cell phone up to my ear and I could hear my mom and my aunt talking about a good place to eat. I remember her saying we could just go to her house and spend the night but my mom said no. After that we found a sign leading to a burger place that looked pretty cool and we followed in. On the way we passed through another sign that said "Inner City" on it. It was weird because we were now in a smaller city that the car could just barely pass through and eventually we found a cafe but it wasn't the place we were looking for.
We asked a man walking by if he knew where it was and he said he did. We followed him and he lead us into an alley and then pulled a gun on us. We managed to fight him and win, since I think I was packing a Grand Theft Auto sized arsenal in my pocket. He ran off saying to destroy our car so his gang thinks he killed us because otherwise they would be coming after us. We blew up our car with a rocket launcher I pulled out of my pocket and then went on to take out the rest of his gang. I went up the stairs from an alley and found them but I'm not sure what actually happened because I woke up.

Dream Three
This is the weirdest and most fuzzy dream I had and nothing really happened, but I have to explain it as it is the purpose of this blog. I was in a dream and I couldn't see much in a way that used to happen a lot in dreams when I was a kid. I realized it was a dream and instantly everything got clearer. I even said in my dream "Lucid Dream!". At that point, however, I started waking up. I was on my couch half conscious in between the dream and waking up and I manged to go back into the dream. Now, I saw people. I began to change them into people I knew, but as I tried to change things, I started waking up again. I kept drifting in and out of the dream, but I had a lot of control over a lot of things. Some other things happened in the dream but I can't really remember them. I do remember trying to escaped from somewhere and using my lucid dream powers to easily do this, but I don't remember anything in detail. It might have possibly been because I didn't go through the stages of sleep since I was only taking a nap that I couldn't control it fully and kept almost waking up. I guess we will see what happens next time, but I think keeping this dream journal is really helping.

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  1. Sweet! Nice to see you can rmember all these dreams! I can't rmemeber any of them...