Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Had a great time with my friends at 12:30 last night, even though I was sick. We watched The Room on Adult Swim, which I look forward to every April Fools day. I didn't get pranked at all this year...but I did in my dream. Had two weird dreams last night, so here we go.

Dream One
I was on my computer downloading the torrent of the soundtrack for the movie Sucker Punch (have I mentioned it's the best movie ever?) because I wanted to listen to it in the shower. While I was downloading it, some instructions popped up on the screen, but they were in a language I didn't understand which I would later find out  had something to do with terrorists. After they popped up, I heard a sound like some sequence was initiating, and I got a little scared so I went into my brothers room and was asking him something. All of a sudden, I heard a huge explosion, and I went back into my room and saw that my computer had exploded. My brother yelled "APRIL FOOLS" even though it actually had nothing to do with him. I never got to listen to my soundtrack in the shower...

Dream Two
I was back at my old high school for some reason, and I was just walking around with my friends. I ran into an old friend who I hadn't seen in a while named Ryan, and I was really happy to see him. He said some joke that made me laugh really hard and then I said we needed to hang out sometime soon and we went our separate ways. I was then talking to my friend about some girl he met but he told me he never got her number and she obviously liked him (which actually happened) then I got the idea for him to talk to the person who introduced them since I'm sure they would be able to hook them up again. Something weird happened but I don't really remember anything else. Kind of a boring dream really...

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