Thursday, April 14, 2011

It Ain't Nothing but a Good Time

Don't really remember these two dreams really well, but I've got to try my best to log them in. Nothing really TOO weird about them, they did feel kind of nice.

Dream One
I remember snowboarding. That's pretty much the most I can actually remember. I think there was a purpose to this. I might have been materialized into a video of my cousin and his friends snowboarding and skiing. I haven't done this since I was a little kid, so I never had fun the way they did. I remember having complete control of the board and it just felt so fun. I jumped off a high edge of the mountain we were on and did a bunch of spins in the air, and it just felt great. It was a very happy dream where I just felt like I was enjoying myself. Nothing too weird about it, other than the looks my friends gave me when I showed up out of thin air.

Dream Two
We were having a barbecue at my dad's house, which is something we do pretty often. It felt really nice, again, nothing was too weird at first. My dad was cooking up something amazing and everyone was pretty excited about it. I think we were swimming in a pool at one point, but my dad's house hasn't had a pool in a very very long time. Eventually, something was going on with the neighbors and they started to leave. My dad said this was going to be his last barbecue ever or something, and when one of the neighbors started to leave with a roll of coins, my dad said "What are you doing!? That's my life's savings!" and when the man said something like "It's just a roll of coins" my dad said "Not the money, the meat!" pointing to a bunch of food that the man was taking home with him. There was some side story going on here too, where the neighbors were mad that he never invited them to any of the other barbecues and when they eventually called him out on it, he told them that he did invite them and they just never showed up. The dream did some sort of back story behind what actually happened, and at the end everyone was pretty happy and getting a long and it was a good time.

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