Friday, April 1, 2011


Well, yesterday I was pretty sick so my girlfriend came over to take care of me, but I didn't get a chance to post. So, I'm going to make two posts today. This one will be about my dreams from two nights ago and the next one will be dreams from last night. These are much more interesting I think, so they deserve their own post.

Dream One
I was at my father's house, and packing up a suitcase I guess to go back home. On the way home he talks about how he wants to try out for some cooking show, and seeing as he went to culinary school and still cooks amazingly, this wasn't too strange. What was strange was that he was driving like a maniac to get there. He jumped off a highway exit ramp with his car, over lanes of traffic as a "shortcut" scaring the hell out of me in the process. When we arrived, it was a dark city and there were people everywhere wearing V masks from V for Vendetta. I believe they called themselves Anonymous (yeah...I had a dream about THAT). We walk into the place that looks like a supermarket, and he is showing a woman who I guess is in charge of the cooking show some sushi that he prepared himself. The woman says that unfortunately, that is not good enough, and that he is required to cook a dish in front of them before he can be accepted onto their show. The next thing I know, there are two members of Anonymous standing in one of the aisles. One of them has a large spear and a shield and I believe the other one had a shield and a short sword. An epic battle occurred and since I had no weapons, I had to fight like crazy to survive. If only I could remember and accurately describe the fight scene, I'd be able to write one hell of a story. But alas, all I know is that I won. In the end, I was able to pick up one of the weapons and one of the shields. The woman explained to me that every time I defeated one of them, I was able to take a maximum of two items. I said I wanted one of their masks, but the woman said I already took a weapon and a shield, so that was two. She also explained I would grow slightly stronger with each kill. I was able to adjust the shield and weapon to my liking, and I guess I was on my way for an adventure. But, that's all that I remember about that dream.

Dream Two
I was viewing what appeared to be a flashback of two young children who had built a tree fort together. When it was finally finished being built, they began to fight over who had ownership of it, but eventually compromised and ended up being best friends forever. They also possessed a magical deck of cards that would allow them to tell the outcome of any fight they had, so they would always know if they would win or lose. This gave them the ability to pick their battles and essentially take anything they wanted. I don't know how long had passed between the flashback and the present, but eventually one of the boys was murdered and the other was being framed. They were still younger than adults, however. In this dream, I was a detective with some police force, and me and my parter knew that the two boys were partners and not enemies so it was up to us to prove their innocence. Eventually, while investigating by myself, I saw a strange man with my partner's wife and he took her into a bathroom. I followed him and searched all the stalls until I found her drugged in one of them and the man standing over her. The next thing I remember in my dream, I took the man to my partner's house so my partner could administer his own version of justice to the man. When I was leaving the house, my partner told me "someone" had been taken care of. I found out this "someone" was a teenager who was helping in the framing of the innocent boy, but he had been stabbed by one of our men who had ordered him to be silenced. When I went to the crime scene, the boy was still alive, but he wasn't talking to anyone. I saw that it looked like he might mention something to his girlfriend though, so I somehow morphed into a little kid and took a loaded gun over to the crime scene. The police didn't know what to do other than order me to put down the gun, so I threw it into the air. It landed next to the wounded boy and fired a shot, silencing him for good. I quickly ran away and morphed back into my actual self. The next thing I remember, me and my partner were giving a press conference and we decided to talk about why we believed the boy did not murder his friend, since no one had really believed us. Some people walked out on us, but a lot stayed and listened, and I think it was mostly a success. After that, I went over to a bar and saw a few celebrities sitting there, including Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, and for some reason Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi Goldberg started talking to me about a book she had written about Pokemon, and the next thing I knew I was playing Pokemon with her and Morgan Freeman. After that, I was in a freezer trying to cover up something else. I guess I was a pretty dirty cop. However, there was someone investigating me and they were watching me through a small hole. I managed to make it look like I was locked in the freezer over night, but I actually had a hidden escape route. After that, I saw Dexter from the amazing showtime show Dexter on the roof of the building, I think he was kissing some random girl. His girlfriend from the first few seasons of the show, Rita, showed up, and threw the woman off the roof, killing her. After that, Dexter told her about how he was a serial killer, but I woke up before anything else happened.

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