Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Love College...and Zombies?

Ugh. Zombie dream was so scary to me, but describing it now, it's not too bad. More cool really. Last time I play Resident Evil 2 before bed though...

Dream One
I was in a car with two cops, I believe I was one myself, outside of a house that looked like my grandfather's. There were cars all over the driveway, and inside were the dead bodies of people, frozen in place with terrified looks on their faces. The way it looked, I felt like there was a nuclear holocaust or something. I went inside the house and it was crawling with zombies. I was doing Resident Evil style searching, finding a few notes laying around. Eventually, I found a few zombies who were almost like the feral ghouls from Fallout, except they could talk. I disguised myself as one of them and they believed me. They were a family and one of the brothers was actually kind, like a normal ghoul, but he knew I was a human. He told me he would let me be as long as I didn't harm his family. At one point, one of the ghouls said it was time to wash their face before dinner, and he took me into a bathroom where he literally removed his face, peeling the skin off with his fingers. I told him I would be right back and went into another bedroom to do some searching. When I came back there was someone else in the house who had shot and killed most of the zombies. The good brother zombie was being held at gunpoint, but I shot the man instead and let him run away. After that, I found a note on the floor, folded up into a triangle, with my name on it. I left that room and went into a bedroom, where I found the dead bodies of my dad and his girlfriend as well as a phone off the hook. I picked it up and on the other line was the girlfriends son. He said "hello?" and I screamed to scare him, but he told me that something happened and I told him to call the police to my location because there were zombies everywhere. I left the building and outside were the two cops shooting at a hoard of rushing zombies. We got into one of the cars with dead bodies in it and began to drive away. I remember finding a bunch of dead people in the back seat, and I was picking them up and throwing them out of the car, just in case they weren't really dead. I remember touching the bodies, and they really felt dead. They were cold and hard and their skin was dry. It was horrible. I saw the looks on all of their faces. It was truly terrifying. While driving, I tried to call my girlfriend, but I got no answer and had no hope left. I read the note from the good ghoul, and it was very touching. The three of us realized we were going to die, but didn't want to become zombies, so we sped the car up really fast, and took our lives. After that, it was like going back to a title screen, and I had the option to play the game again, this time with a full swat team. I selected that, and it was more awesome that anything. Pretty much just wrecking some zombies.

Dream Two
I was at my new college, and I guess I spent the night there for whatever reason. The next day, it was like a huge party. I only had my pajamas because I wasn't supposed to spend the night there. There might have been a storm or something. It was pretty awesome though. I remember feeling like a real Alpha. I was walking around saying high to people I knew, giving them high fives and stuff like that. Eventually, I was on my way back to the guy dorms. Some girl was coming up from them and she looked at me, but didn't want me to think she was a slut or something and said "I was just using the restrooms there, the girls are broken" and I was making small talk with her and I said something like "hey, don't I know you?" and she really did look familiar, but I didn't know her. Again, I felt Alpha because she was flirting with me pretty bad. After that I went to look for some of my friends. I bumped into some older woman who was using an ATM, and she looked kind of like my cousins grandmother. I said I was sorry, but she just gave me a dirty look even after asking if she was alright. So, I said "Fuck you then" and went on my merry way. Even though nothing really happened, the whole atmosphere of the dream just felt completely awesome.


  1. I love dreaming about zombies :)

  2. When I was in high school, all I dreamt about was the friends I saw on those days.