Monday, March 28, 2011

Almost There

I feel like I'm getting closer to a lucid dream, I keep thinking things in dreams that I would only think outside of the dream, like "why am I doing that? I could just do this" but then I'm back to following the story of the dream instead of breaking off into my own. Here's one from last night.

I don't know if this happened first or if it was a completely different dream, but I was outside my house and some friends showed up. They showed me an invention they had where if they pointed it at two of the same species of something, it would create a clone of the two. To show me an example, he pointed it at two different trees, and then pointed it in the middle, and it created a third tree. After that, one of my other friends showed up with a similar invention, except you could just point it at one person, and then it would clone them, instead of needed two similar specimens. Some weird stuff happened that I don't really remember all the way, I had a toy giraffe and I went into my room and there were some friends in there vacuuming for some reason. I don't know what happened with that.

What I remember next is getting ready to board a train, and it was like we kept going back in time to investigate what happened. The first time the train took off, it was shot down by terrorists or something. When we rewound we would view everything from different angles and we eventually found out that one of team members (we were now like a special ops force or something) was escorting V.I.P. targets onto the train, an important man and his son. This time, since we knew the attack was coming, we had two units mounted on the front of the train with RPGs to take them out. Eventually, they were chasing our train, and I was hanging on. It was actually a pretty awesome chase, it was like a train on roller coaster tracks, going really fast. I had to duck under certain things and lay flat on my back, but at one point the train dove underwater (it was completely fine though, as this was a planned escape route) but I sipped off. I swam after it, still avoiding the men chasing me, and following in a current that was dragging the train through the water. Outside of this one cave was the leader of the bad guy group. I could tell right away that's who he was. I think he said something to me, but I was unarmed so I swam fast past him. Inside, the cave was still flooded with water, and I had lost the train. I had to keep stopping at these little holes to breath in some air. There were arrows pointing in all directions, I guess used to confuse enemies which direction to go for the exit. The arrows were even moving around at one point, and I felt like I was trapped in a maze. Eventually, I managed to find my way out into an exit, and there were some of my family there waiting for me. I think my special ops force was there as well. At this point I knew there had been an apocalypse (though, it could have happened way before, my character was conscious of this the whole time, but I as the dreamer was just finding this out now). We found ourselves in an abandoned kitchen, and we managed to find some food. We started taking what we could, but while we were looking around, we found a freezer with a few dead bodies in it. We realized it would be best to leave as soon as possible but as we were heading to the door, the house owner came back. When he found us in his house, he pulled out a gun and was shooting at us. A crazy fight emerged, I remember fighting some hell hounds and stuff like that. At the end of it, we learned he was only killing people who came to his house in order to protect his family. He didn't realize we were friendly. He gave us a few guns to take down the bad guys, and we went on our way. Also, during the fight, we had thought some of our family member had died. He thought he lost his daughter, and I thought I lost my aunt and her daughter, but in the end everyone was okay (except the demon dog I messed up). We continued walking until one of my task force member said he recognized the area we were in and that we were going to visit his Grandpa Waldo. We entered the house and Waldo was a crazy man, but we were all happy for a little while. Unfortunately, I woke up at this point and was not able to see if we took out the evil man in charge.

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