Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Second Chance

Two dreams that I can remember last night. The first one has a little bit of bad content in it, but keep in mind this is only a dream that I had no control over and I was actually omnipotent in this dream, not really playing a character. The second dream was actually VERY scary while I was in it, but probably won't really sound like it.

Dream One
There was this big, muscle guy outside his house with his daughter, she was probably about sixteen, maybe a little younger. I'm not sure what they were doing but he looked abusive. Eventually, some skinny guy who looked like he was a drug addict showed up, and tried to have his way with her or something and I'm not sure if he did or not. Her dad grabbed him after and I thought maybe he actually did care about his daughter, but instead he started beating him up asking for payment, because I guess he sells his daughters body to people. The skinny guy started to run away and tried to escape through the garage, but the dad caught up to him and shot him.

Now, I think a whole bunch of people someone got caught up in all of this, but I don't remember what happened. The next thing I remember was after all of that happened, and everyone saw the consequences of their actions, they were given a second chance. Everything went back in time, and I could hear a narrator explaining what happened. The skinny guy this time did not force himself on the daughter, but the dad still went through with killing some other guy (I guess after he killed the skinny guy, he went on to kill someone else for some reason). And the dream explained how certain people realized what they had done was wrong, while others did not. And I'm pretty sure in this dream, they were shown a glimpse of hell to prove it existed and if they did not change, they would end up there.

Dream Two
I saw a preview for Grand Theft Auto V on TV, and it was really weird because it involved time travel or something. Then I was playing it and I had to protect these two buildings in the past, in order to change the future or something. After that, I was playing what was supposed to be a DLC expansion, but it was like I was actually living it. In the expansion, there had been a murder, I'm going to assume it was a little girl because of what happened later. I remember walking around to different crime scenes, and one of them was the father of the killer saying "yes...that's my gun" to one of the officers. I was walking with my friend saying "I think it's cool that we get to see what happens after the story. We never get to see much after the bad guy gets arrested or killed". We were walking to different places on the map (because I could pause the game and create a waypoint) and exploring different objectives. At one point, the game started getting a little creepy. We found this cracked sidewalk, and we were jumping around it, but at one point I found this ledge with a little crack in it and a little girls voice said in my head "Don't step on the crack or you'll break your mothers back". I purposely jumped on the crack, thinking it might advance the game because we were stuck at the moment, and the crack broke off from the ledge and I fell backwards. I landed hard on the ground and couldn't move. At this point, both of our avatars were little girls, but in the dream I was looking through the eyes of the girl. Laying there on the ground, I felt like I had broken my own back, and I thought I was going to die. Me, not the little girl. The other little girl (who I think was now being played by my girlfriend, because I would occasionally see me and her sitting on the couch, watching what was happening on screen) helped me get up, and we went to a different waypoint to see if we could figure out what to do. We arrived at this old womans house who pretty much just pointed us back to the sidewalk with the crack. When we got back, I missed the jump completely this time, but landed on my feet. Looking straight ahead, I saw what looked like a portal with a giant eye in it, and when I looked at it, my vision started fading. I told my partner to come down and look with me, and when we both looked into it, we either saw a cutscene, or were teleported to another area. Here, we learned that the two little girls were orphans or something for this creepy old lady (it might have been the one who pointed us back to the sidewalk) and they were abused daily. I think the lady was sorry or something though, and the little girls wanted to stay with her, so we brought their souls peace or something. I don't really remember what happened inside the portal, but I remember it being very creepy.

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