Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bullet Fragments

I had a lot of dreams last night. Probably about five. But after each one, I would fall right back to sleep and forget it. Two of them I can remember clearly, and the third one I only remember a single piece of, but it's possible it was part of the second.

Dream One
I was in some English class in college, and for some reason went to another room. In that other room was my high school Creative Writing teacher, who was AWESOME back when I had him. When I went into the room, everyone said my name, surprised. They had all wondered why I hadn't been in class for so long, and had begun to miss me. I didn't know why I wasn't in class, but maybe it had something to do with the fact that we all graduated? Regardless, I told my girlfriend about it, and we both transferred out of our other English class into the awesome Creative Writing one.  Inside, the class was fun and we were talking to people, but I think there was a kid in there I didn't like. I don't remember anything much for a while, but I think my girlfriend was getting close to the teacher or something, and I didn't like it. The teacher kicked another kid out of his class for doing something, and the kid came back and shot up the classroom (I think I need to stop playing Grand Theft Auto IV, because I keep having dreams about shootings). I felt like I was watching this guy shoot for a good ten minutes in my dream, but I was watching from first person. Could it be that it was actually me, in a jealous rage over my girlfriend? I don't really know. The next thing I remember is a wounded teacher laying on the ground, but he was alive, and my girlfriend was helping him out of there. I don't remember anything after that.

Dream Two
I was driving on a highway with my friends in the car. I guess we were just coming from a play they had at the college I used to go to, and were going out to eat to celebrate because I guess some of my other friends were in the play. When we arrived, I was having trouble parking. My brakes wouldn't really work, no matter how hard I pressed on them. The car just kept moving. I kept trying to park, getting angry that my brakes weren't working, and when I eventually found a spot I could park in, some guy cut me off into it. I parked into another spot, and flipped the guy off. When I was inside, I met some of my friends and my dad was in there too. Now, in real life, today I am going to be going to dinner with my dad, so my subconscious projected this into my dream, and my friend said "You're going to eat here, but then you're going to out to eat with your dad right after, so you won't be able to eat anything". I also really hate eating at restaurants, so in my dream having to do this twice in a row made me really pissed off for some reason. My girlfriend was there too, and I was yelling and screaming and cursing, and she got upset as I stormed off. When I went outside, my car was also gone, and I believe it was stolen by the guy I flipped off. Well, actually, in the dream, I KNEW this was going to happen, and it did.

After that, I don't know if this was part of the dream, or a fragment from one of the other dreams I had, but I found myself at the local mall in the store Hot Topic. I had a little rewards card that my girlfriend usually carries, so if this was part of the same dream I think I was there to buy her a gift to make up for what I did. After that though, I saw the characters Dexter and Rita from the forensic/serial killer show Dexter, and they were making out or whatever, and Rita told him about a threesome she wanted with her cousin or something weird. Don't know WHY but...that's what happened. And that's all I remember of any of the fragments.


  1. I always get shots of Deja-Vu every now and then.
    I'll realize it's starting to happen and i'll quickly rack my brain to see if I remember what's going to happen next.

    Sometimes i'm right and others i'm not, but it seems i'm getting better at picking out the next few seconds. Because of this i'm really interested in seeing that new movie, that adjustmnet bureau, because I feel our lives have already been determined and we're just living them out.

    How else would Deja-Vu be possible?

  2. Look at the bright side... at least you have a girlfriend in your dreams... ;)

  3. I don't like when i dream about being back in school lol