Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let's Get it On

Alright, weird dream, but here we go (aren't they always weird?)

Dream One
I woke up in the middle of the night and I guess my girlfriend was sleeping over, and then we had "relations". After that, we went into my moms room, but her mom was sleeping there instead. We went back into my room and her phone was ringing. She picked it up and said it was her dad and he wanted to talk to me. So I answered the phone and he told me to meet him in the kitchen. I went into the kitchen and there was a bunch of monitors set up, like a security office and they were being used to keep an eye on the entire house. He showed me the camera in my room and then we freaked out. Yeah, he definitely wanted to kill me. I tried to talk to him and explain to him that we loved each other and whatever, but he didn't want to hear it. Her mom came out and asked what was going on and he showed her the tape, but she laughed and said she was impressed (in reality, she would have killed me too). I remember finally sitting down with her dad and talking to him, and he kind of understood and left it alone. And the next thing I remember, I was at a gay club (my friends go there and I sometimes go along, but yeah) and that's all I remember.

Dream Two
Forgot about this until just a little while ago. I was hanging out in a parking lot with the cast of Glee and I guess I was on the show with them(don't ask me why) and then my agent called me for some reason and I was walking down the road and had to take out some people in the building across the street. So I was shooting at them Grand Theft Auto style and took most of them out but one started to run and got in a truck. So I chased him down and shot the car until it burst into flames and blew up. The end!


  1. The trick is to use your dreams to have sex with other women... not your girlfriend. She's there in real life, but Emma Watson can be your dream mistress...

  2. Great post! Was a really good read! thanks for sharing!