Friday, March 18, 2011

I Won't See You Tonight

Had two dreams, but seeing as one of them involved...innapropriste things with my girlfriend, I'm just gonna log the other one. iPhone posting again, might need some editing later.

Just some background info. Tonight, I'm going to sleep at my cousins house, which is why this dream involves a sleepover.

I was driving in the car with my girlfriend (who randomly changed from my girlfriend to that chick from the Lamborghini dream, so I don't know why she was with me) and we were going to pick up one of my cousins to bring him to my other cousins house for a sleepover. When we arrived at the house he had to get a few things from his room upstairs and for some reason that other girl went with him. I noticed a guy who looked like he was in the mafia guarding the door to the kitchen and I heard someone arguing with my uncle about gambling debts. To get away from that, I decided to go upstairs to check on my cousin, and I found him in bed with that girl. I was speechless, but proud, because she is pretty attractive. I left them alone for a bit and then we were all ready to go. Something was said, and it was stated that out of all my cousins, she was going to pick the cutest one and date them (excluding me, because even in my dreams, I don't cheat on my girlfriend, even though I can't control it). So, we were on our way and as we were leaving I could hear my uncle taking a fierce beating from the mafia guys. I guess they thought we were going to get help or something because they chased after us. Being the action hero that I am, I jumped out of the car, guns blazing, to intercept them making sure my cousin and the girl got away safe. I managed to take down most of them, but one guy got passed me on a motorcycle. There were about three guys left but they stopped shooting at me out of respect since I took down their whole crew. But they took me hostage and brought ne back to my uncles house to ask me about some stuff. They took mento a room where I told them about my uncles son who passed away because of his ex wife, and they sympathized with him saying they were gonna forgive his debts and called off the guy on the motorcycle. It flashed over to him chasing my cousin, but even with the order to stop, he kept chasing. My cousin and the girl escaped into a subway, and the guy chasing them triggered something that made all of these dead bodies surface, and it made a lot of people happy by giving them closure.