Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back on Track

Last night I had three dreams, but for most of the morning I could only remember two. But, in the shower parts of the first dream came back to me. Also, there is a part of the dream that I'm not sure which dream it belongs to, or if it was an entirely different one. I'm just going to link it together as the beginning of dream two.


Dream One
I was in a house, I think it was my girlfriends in the dream. I believe I was house sitting for her. While checking inside, I saw a man on the couch, I guess he was trying to rob the place. I pulled out my airsoft gun, which looks exactly like a real handgun, except for the orange tip, and quickly put it against his head so he would not be able to see that the gun was fake. I searched him and found a real gun, and picked that up and pointed it at him instead. He started saying something, but I don't know what. Eventually, I was lead to some kind of headquarters. Inside, it looked like there was a task force or something. I found out they were actually working on Jadusable's Haunted Majora's Mask story/ARG (if you don't know what this is, I wouldn't be surprised but it is pretty popular on the internet. If you love Majora's Mask and want to get involved in something creepy, start reading up on the arcs here I learned that they wanted me to become part of the ARG but for some reason, I didn't want to. In my dream, it also seemed that the leader of the group was a girl, and the picture of what BEN was supposed to look like was extremely creepy.

Dream Two
I was at a party or something, and my favorite band was there for some reason, sitting at a table, but I was too nervous to go talk to them. I also spotted my grandmother who was wearing one of my hoodies of the same band. As we were leaving, I asked for it back, but she got angry or something for seemingly no reason.

After that, I was home, sleeping and I was woken up by my friend and my cousin playing playstation in my room. It was about four in the morning, and I was angry that they just showed up. I asked how they got in and if they shut off the alarm, but they just stared at me. My mom was leaving for work and asked me when they got there and I got mad and yelled at them to get out. Outside there was a cop, I guess responding to my alarm going off and I tried to answer the woman through the speaker but I couldn't hear her at all. I let the cop inside and he was talking to me but seemed really suspicious for some reason. At one point when he was talking, he disappeared, but was still talking to us. Then he tried to attack us and I managed to grab him by his invisible leg and swung him around a bit. Eventually we ended up at some restaurant or something, and at the time I was scared of him. But then I realized it was a dream in the dream, but it wasn't really lucid. I didn't have control over myself in the dream but I knew I could beat this guy easily. So I thrashed him around DBZ style for messing with my family.

Dream Three
In this dream, I found myself in a room and my aunt was showing me some anime she found inside a dresser that her husband bought at an auction (which really happened) and was asking me how much it worth to sell. There was an asian guy in the room who left and locked us in the room for some reason. This chick in the room starting panicking and was searching a candle with one of those lights that can pick up blood and pushed it over setting the whole room on fire. There was a lot of people trapped in the room all of a sudden and there was no escape. Accepting our fate, we all began to party. I was dancing in a circle with my girlfriend and somehow I fell through a glass door that led outside to a beach. We were relieved that we weren't going to burn alive. I ran into the water for a second and got taken back by a wave (I hate when this happens in my dreams because waves in my dreams are really scary, like I can never escape them and I usually lose things in them or can't escape them, and I almost drown every time I get hit by one in my dreams) and I kissed my girlfriend as everyone was escaping from the room. After I left I found the guys who locked us in the room and was going to have a nice fight with them, but I woke up.


  1. Crazy dreams there, love hearing about them!

  2. i always try to lucid dream, it sucks when you succeed and get too psyched and wake up.

  3. whoa funky dreams man. definitely interesting to read about though

    followed for more of these type of posts. get back at me