Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Creation of the Universe

Weird dream last night....

Me, my dad, and my brother were on a road trip down to Florida for some reason. Typical driving in the dream, nothing weird about it. I remember getting out of the car a few times to go into a place to use the bathroom or eat or something. I asked him if we could see my favorite band (who is currently touring) if they come near a state we are going to be in, and he said yes because he likes them too. The next stop they were going to be in was Washington D.C. but we had already passed there so we were going to see if they were going to be close on our way back. We pretty much reached Florida and turned around right away. I don't remember the road trip back, but I do remember that we were in his house, hiding from drug dealers. Now, my dad was not in any trouble, but some drug dealers were after my cousin, who again was not in any trouble but was connected to someone who was. No one in my family did anything wrong, but the drug dealers were led to believe so. I looked through windows and saw that they had finally found us. My brother was sleeping in my dad's bedroom, and the dealers came busting through the doors shooting people up. There were other people in the house with us, all armed to the teeth.

I saw a big, towering, fat black man come in, and I shot him with my airsoft gun (I really don't know why all I have in my dreams is an airsoft gun...) and he turned to look at me. I ran into the guest room, and I was panicking and crying and begged him not to kill my family and I told him I would explain everything if he would just listen. He heard me out, and told the other guys that we were innocent in all of this, and we thanked him for understanding. Some people died though, and I was pretty upset, asking where my dads body was. They pointed downstairs to a couch, and out popped a guy who was my dad in the dream, but not my dad in real life I was happy, but then I saw my real dad upstairs, and for a split second I knew the other guy was my dream dad, but didn't connect with the fact that I was in a dream. After the chaos, police showed up and starting searching every single house on the block. The drug dealers ran (at this point, we were actually pretty cool with them though) but the police didn't chase them. They had come for something else.

I ran after some of the police officers, but suddenly had roller blades on, and I asked him what they were here for. One of the officers said they were looking for dwarf houses (I honestly have NO IDEA) and some high up government agent was coming to test an invention. I skated back to my house and as I was skating, I fell backwards but continued to glide to the house. I guess the scientist who had created the invention was helping us defend against the dealers, because he was inside and came through the front door. The government agent showed up, holding what looked like a bazooka. He aimed it up at the sky, and fired a shot. A blast propelled through the night sky, hitting a star, and exploding it. The star then formed into a solar system where we could visibly see the planets, and more stars erupted from the blast as well. He explained that the planets could harbor life in the event that the planet was going to be destroyed, and we saw an image of the planet already growing trees. Everyone was happy and excited about leaving the planet and went into the house to gather some things to leave. The man took another shot at a different star, but something shot out of the back of the invention as well, causing the house to explode and burst into flames. I was devastated, as everything that I had just got back was now destroyed. All of my family that I thought I had lost, but had actually been saved, were now gone for good.

Somewhere in all of this, I disappeared, it's possible I ran into the house. The only thing left was a woman sitting on the stoop, and her toddler. I'm not sure if her toddler was actually there, because someone ran into the fire (again, it might have been me) and different people continued to be shown living. It was like they were all talking to each other, in their own voices, but only one person was seen at a time. The final one was the womans toddler, and she grabbed her from the flames saying never to do "something" again (I don't remember what that something was) and I knew she said this because it would change who the little girl was. I'm guessing everyones spirits had been sealed inside of the girl, and she could change into them by doing "something" and the mother just wanted her little girl. I guess all of us were trapped inside her, like a bunch of multiple personalities.


  1. Haha, dreams always mess with me too. Typical, only have an airsoft gun.