Monday, March 21, 2011

Chasing an Escape

Had some weird dreams last night. I'm just going to write about them, not sure how much I can type about them since they felt short, but I guess we'll see.

Dream One
I was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies with my friends, except it was like I was actually in the game. I was running around on the Ascension map. I lost all my weapons and stuff, so I was waiting for someone to open the door to the mystery box, and they eventually did. When I went to open the box, someone else had just opened it and they got a big fist, which when selected it...gave them a big fist. Anyway, when I opened the box, it gave me...a box of chewy sprees. They were very yummy but, didn't help much with the zombies...also, when I dropped them on the floor they changed into different paper shurikens. Again, didn't help much. All of a sudden though, I was inside the guest room at my dad's house and the zombies were breaking in, and I was killing them but my friends were busy texting or not paying attention. I was yelling at them to help but yeah. We lost.

Dream Two
I was outside my house with my friends, and we were walking around looking for something. I don't know what, but we were just exploring the snowy backyard (don't know why it was snowy, but it was) and we decided to go inside. But we then realized we didn't know how we got outside. I have two doors in my backyard, a sliding glass door up on a deck, and under the deck there is a door leading to the basement. We needed to know which door we went outside from because the others were most likely locked. I went to the front to see if we had come in through that door, and while I was on my way there I realized that if one of the other doors was opened it would set off the alarm instantly, and my brother was sleeping in the house. As soon as I thought that though, I heard the alarm go off and I yelled for one of my friends to unlock the front door so I could type in the code. He opened it and I entered the code, but it wouldn't stop. Then it said I needed to speak the password (which usually happens if the alarm goes off and the company calls me to make sure no one broke in and forced me to shut off the alarm or something) and I said it, but the alarm system told me it was incorrect. So I was pretty much at a loss. The next thing I knew I was sitting on a train with some old guys who looked like...I don't know how to explain it actually. They looked like the people high up from an evil organization who had a secret reason for doing what they were doing and were going to use me as a pawn. They told me my mother made an invention that could instantly teleport people wherever they wanted, and that was how we ended up outside my house without realizing how we got there. They wanted me to take it to a college and use it to get something, but I don't remember what. And I don't know what happened after that.

Dream Three
All I remember about this one is that my Dad was cooking something for my cousins birthday party. He went to culinary school, so he knows his stuff, but he was making something chocolate chip cookies cut up with gravy poured over them. And the only other thing I remember about this was a rope tied to a tree used for swinging into a pool.


  1. i would love to be in a lucid dream with zombies. that's like my one desire: to be in a zombie apocalypse with some badass weaponry. sh1t would be so fun haha

  2. That first dream sounds really awesome.

  3. that zombie dream sounds crazy, must've been fun kicking ass for a while at least.