Saturday, March 12, 2011

Memory Fragments

Sometimes, dreams are like forgotten memories. You can remember pieces of them, but not much else. I had three dreams last night, but can only remember a few pieces of each. It's also interesting how different each dream was, and the character choices in my dreams are completely bizarre. I don't know why I dream of such random things, but I can't help it. I don't have a choice. Well, not yet anyway.

Dream One
All I remember was being trapped inside a bathroom stall, something evil desperately trying to get in. I don't know what happened there. Then I remember being at some weird camp. But it was more like the inside of a school, or a prison. And all the people there were like animals from the game Animal Crossing. But it was a much darker tone. Nothing was happy there.

Dream Two
I only remember one thing, really. Being in my Dad's backyard at a party, and having a friend from my past show up. That's all. I don't remember what she wanted...actually, I think she might of been trying to kiss me but I kept saying no. But I really can't remember.

Dream Three
This is the probably the weirdest, but I remember it the most. I was at a house that my aunt owned in the dream, and she was throwing a party or something. I remember all of my clothes being in bins and being carried to the house, but being left right outside the door. I was walking around the party, and I think there was more that happened, but I can't remember it. The next thing I do remember is walking up to a bedroom with Pauly D from Jersey Shore. I honestly cannot tell you why. When we arrived in the bedroom we found a drunken Situation, and Pauly said he wanted to play a prank on him. I don't know what we were going to do, but I think I suggested shooting him with my airsoft gun. Whatever happened with that, I don't remember, but I was going to get changed into something to sleep in, when I remembered my clothes were all outside the house in bins. I ran outside in my underwear, but it was not one of those dreams where you are embarrassed by being in your underwear in front of a bunch of people, because I really didn't care. But when I got to my bins of clothes, they were all gone. And that's all I remember.

At one point in time, I tried to think about why certain people had been in my dreams, but at this point, I think that anyone or anything in your subconscious can be thrown into a dream and given importance. Seeing as these three dreams had completely different subjects and characters, and I had not seen or used anything related to any of them too recently, that's the conclusion I am going to draw.

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